Industry opens a file inventory and checking the remnants of iron (scrape)

Friday 7 October 2016-12:01 pm

The Minister of industry and minerals agency Mohamed sheyaa, formed a technical Committee to inventory and checking the remnants of iron (scrape) received by the Ministry's engineering reference, it gave the Commission broad powers and its associated with the Minister's Office.

Sudan said in a statement he took Marbad to technical Committee will approach the Ministry departments and ministries, for the purpose of providing the quantities and qualities that have been delivered to the company sites (geometric attribution) from 2007 until 2016 and pointed out that this file is marked, with big acts of corruption by staff are corrupted and traders and companies backed by, among others, its corruption and the theft of national wealth and smuggled outside Iraq.

He added that the audit file will include contracting companies with geometric attribution (decades) for all types of iron tailings in South and middle Euphrates governorates.

He continued that the Inspector General's Office at the Ministry of audit actions taken for such contracts and match them with laws and controls and the extent to which the economic viability of these engagements.

He was Minister of industry and minerals agency Mohamed sheyaa, said I, forming a Committee to review all contracts and investment agreements concluded by the Ministry during the past six years, as confirmed in the 28th of last month, the need to prevent political interference in the work of the Ministry and put pressure on directors of companies and factories in the Ministry of industry to combat the corruption that plagues the State body Pat.