NEWSTIME WITH MadDSCOUT AND 1BOBBY, et al, Thursday, October 6, 2016
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Thread: NEWSTIME WITH MadDSCOUT AND 1BOBBY, et al, Thursday, October 6, 2016

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    NEWSTIME WITH MadDSCOUT AND 1BOBBY, et al, Thursday, October 6, 2016

    MadDScout says(6:30 PM):
    Good evening everyone, Welcome to News Time for Oct 6 2016.

    larrykn says to MadDScout(6:31 PM):

    MadDScout says to larrykn(6:31 PM):
    GE my friend

    magnetlady says(6:31 PM):
    Oh well so much for being ready and kicking yourself out UGH

    magnetlady says(6:31 PM):
    Evening MadDScout

    Okie Dinar says to MadDScout(6:31 PM):
    Good Evening

    MadDScout says to magnetlady(6:32 PM):
    Good evening

    MadDScout says to Okie Dinar(6:32 PM):
    Hello and good evening

    So glad to have you with us tonight

    Okie Dinar says to MadDScout(6:33 PM):
    Glad to be here

    subgirl says to MadDScout(6:33 PM):
    good evening MadDScout

    MadDScout says to subgirl(6:34 PM):

    MadDScout says to subgirl(6:34 PM):
    Good evening

    I hope everyone bears with me tonight there many moving parts
    To doing a good news time

    wilson6060 says to MadDScout(6:35 PM):
    You will do great...

    MadDScout says to david334(6:35 PM):
    Howdy David

    wilson6060 says to MadDScout(6:35 PM):
    You will do great...(F)

    MadDScout says(6:36 PM):
    The volume of news is fantastic nowadays. With much good progress, if you are
    paying attention.

    Suprkat53...........if you would lead us in a prayer....??

    suprkat53 says(6:36 PM):
    Ok give me a sec

    MadDScout says to suprkat53(6:37 PM):
    No rush

    suprkat53 says(6:37 PM):
    Dearest Heavenly Father: Thank You so much for all You have done for us, for this wonderful world we live in and for this wonderful opportunity You have made us all a part of. Thank You also for this wonderful group of people and all of the hands who work so diligently to bring us news and help us to understand this blessing that You have given us. Lord, we humbly ask that you watch over Iraq tonight. Stand with her people as they fight to rid themselves of the terror and corruption that has plagued them for so long. Bless her leaders and the leaders from around the world who are helping in this fight now so that they may continue to work toward building a new government and creating the laws and reforms needed to help her people to grow and prosper. Place a hedge of protection Lord around all of those who are in harm’s way – not just in Iraq, but around the world - that they may ultimately be victorious in freeing this nation and the world from the fear of oppression. We ask You to grant us patience to wait on Your timing Lord – we trust You to know when everything is ready. We ask that You grant us the wisdom, understanding and humility to use our blessing in ways that will glorify You. Use us Lord to shine Your light on others so that they may know You through us. Lastly Lord, we ask tonight for peace to all who are suffering ill health, loss or those who are struggling. Wrap Your loving arms around them and let them know that they are not alone. All of these things we pray in Jesus mighty name, AMEN.

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    hutch says(6:37 PM):
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    MadDScout says(6:38 PM):
    Amen thank you so much!
    bblue says(6:38 PM):

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    You're very welcome!!

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    DIGIman1 says(6:38 PM):
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    MadDScout says(6:39 PM):
    I would like to offer my appreciation to BGG and Mrs.BGG for the opportunity here
    tonight to have this "Newstime", for their unwavering dedication to the group, and
    to a higher standard of news that is provided here at Dinar Updates.

    david334 says(6:39 PM):
    Great prayer very right on in what plauges our world today

    MadDScout says(6:39 PM):
    Thank you much!

    BGG says(6:40 PM):
    MrsBGG says(6:40 PM):
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    suprkat53 says(6:40 PM):
    I am honored. Thank you!

    _AB_Newsflash says to MadDScout(6:40 PM):
    Amen,Thank You Mr & Mrs BGG

    eman4u55 says(6:41 PM):
    update i live in florida and i'm still alive

    1bobby says to eman4u55(6:41 PM):

    MadDScout says(6:41 PM):
    Thanks also to Rcookie, Mr White, Hutch, and Daytrader for their in depth
    analysis, and helping to keep our members "in the loop". You are much respected
    and appreciated, not only here in chat, but on Facebook group as well. Many thanks
    to you guys.

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    bubbles says to eman4u55(6:42 PM):
    me to

    MadDScout says(6:42 PM):
    Thank you to all the mods and admins who help make Dinar Updates a premier news
    You guys, every last one of you, rock!!

    david334 says(6:42 PM):
    and me

    _AB_Newsflash says(6:42 PM):
    Hear,Hear (y)

    magnetlady says(6:42 PM):
    THank you too MadDScout for ALL you do

    MadDScout says to magnetlady(6:43 PM):
    It is my pleasure

    larrykn says(6:43 PM):
    Folks lets remember this is Newstime , thank you

    MadDScout says to magnetlady(6:43 PM):
    We will make sure you are the copier next time or are you doing it?

    MadDScout says(6:46 PM):
    The "who is it" for tonight would be myself (Pat on Facebook),

    we have 1bobby (Bobby C on Facebook),
    we have Foxrun (Tom S on Facebook),

    also _AB_Newsflash (Andrew B on Facebook )

    and our prayer is being delivered by Suprkat53 (Kathy K on Facebook)

    MadDScout says(6:46 PM):
    Thanks all for your help and support! (y)

    suprkat53 says(6:47 PM):
    My pleasure Pat!

    david334 says(6:47 PM):
    talented group thanks for your work

    larrykn says(6:47 PM):
    Welcome to all to DU Chat

    MadDScout says(6:48 PM):
    There are so many great people here in chat, and we are trying in Facebook group,
    to bring some of "our folks" over and in an attempt to generate a greater
    interaction and interest, between the two methods of obtaining news. Both from
    the Forum and Facebook side.

    _AB_Newsflash says(6:48 PM):
    its a group effort .Thank You Pat for everything you do

    dale says(6:49 PM):

    MadDScout says to _AB_Newsflash(6:49 PM):
    Thanks for your help and input

    Andrew is one of our great posters from facebook here to give us a hand tonight

    _AB_Newsflash says(6:51 PM):
    i wouldnt say great just affluent with many news sources

    MadDScout says to foxrun(6:51 PM):
    And we have Tom S from facebook also tonight who is a great commentator

    MadDScout says to foxrun(6:52 PM):
    Thank you fellows for coming in tonight

    MadDScout says(6:52 PM):
    I say "our folks" because we have quite a few from the facebook side, who didn't
    even know we had a chat room. (LOL I know right?)

    foxrun says(6:52 PM):
    Always a pleasure...PAt and company.

    MadDScout says to foxrun(6:52 PM):

    MadDScout says(6:53 PM):
    To include, a vast majority who's only contact method with Dinar Updates is a cell
    phone and FB. We are working to involve as many as are able, to be a part of, and
    get involved with, the larger community here at Dinar Updates.

    We are hoping this coming together for newstime will generate interest within the
    group, to take a closer look at all aspects of Dinar Updates, from it's chatroom, to
    it's Forum, where great news and insight can be found, unembellished and

    Okie Dinar says to MadDScout(6:55 PM):

    foxrun says(6:55 PM):
    Having said that what is our first topic Pat

    MadDScout says to Okie Dinar(6:55 PM):

    foxrun says(6:55 PM):
    Or Bobby?

    MadDScout says(6:56 PM):
    People are important. Any great team is made up of great people.
    Here are some of the great folks who help keep Facebook running smooth...
    I am proud of our team.

    1bobby says to foxrun(6:56 PM):
    One sec

    MadDScout says(6:56 PM):
    Becky, Bobby C, Tom S, Andrew B, Julian W, El L, Kaleigh W, Kathy K, Matt H,
    Sherry, William, Regina, Kathy G, Jeffrey D,.... and many who contribute to the
    comments and post discussions, generating some great conversations.

    It is an honor to be linked with such people.

    Having said that..On to our first report, Bobby.....

    1bobby says(6:58 PM):
    These are the hilites that were taken from today's session

    So as we see today was Turkey heavy and Jafari was there to explain the FM's stance

    MadDScout says to 1bobby(7:02 PM):
    They did put off his questioning until March(Jaafari) or is it just talk right now?

    _AB_Newsflash says(7:03 PM):
    Iraqi Banks are not able to keep up pace,wonder why?

    pass them banking laws

    MadDScout says to _AB_Newsflash(7:04 PM):
    This is also talking about depositor insurance

    1bobby says to MadDScout(7:04 PM):
    That's correct. i think that has something to do with Abadi and the Natl Alliance's statement in regards to following a different procedure on the questioning of Ministers

    MadDScout says to 1bobby(7:05 PM):
    as to Jaafari?

    Point is they are going to vote ministers Saturday

    Did they get the names handed in?

    1bobby says to MadDScout(7:05 PM):
    yes. The Zebari questioning called into question the procedures for questioning of Ministers

    cricket22 says(7:05 PM):
    Hello Pat!

    MadDScout says to 1bobby(7:05 PM):
    I have seen some conflicting reports on it

    MadDScout says to cricket22(7:06 PM):

    cricket22 says(7:06 PM):

    MadDScout says to foxrun(7:06 PM):
    Anything jab you?

    1bobby says to MadDScout(7:07 PM):
    There have been reports of a number of Ministers being put forth on Saturday. Some have 3, some have 2. The most verifiable one is from an MP that says Interior, Industry & Minerals and Commerce being presented Saturday

    foxrun says(7:08 PM):
    It would appear that Hakim is a moderating element which is good for stability and no further outbursts by MP's

    1bobby says to MadDScout(7:08 PM):
    Another has Defence and Industry being presented

    MadDScout says(7:09 PM):
    Good stuff

    1bobby says(7:09 PM):
    Hakim has become a big player as of late

    or bigger than he has been

    foxrun says(7:09 PM):
    Yes and one that so far appears to have a level far.

    MadDScout says(7:09 PM):
    But one can see how conflicting reports can hamper getting something "banged out"

    1bobby says(7:10 PM):
    Exactly. Bottom line is we will know come Saturday

    _AB_Newsflash says(7:10 PM):
    i am curious what happend during the meeting at Hakim house with Maliki and Sadrists

    MadDScout says(7:10 PM):
    Yes Hakim is the new president of National Alliance

    foxrun says(7:11 PM):
    Conflicting reports is the substance of Iraq press...kinda like our tabloids in a way. Makes our research a challenge

    MadDScout says(7:11 PM):
    He is really(from appearence) doing a great work

    He seems to be trying to pull things together

    MadDScout says(7:12 PM):

    MadDScout says to foxrun(7:12 PM):
    LOL I am hip

    foxrun says(7:12 PM):
    I agree nice to see somebody with a bonefide mission to help Iraq....

    1bobby says(7:12 PM):
    I agree with AB that that meeting spoke volumes about his leadership

    foxrun says(7:13 PM):
    Almost breathtaking after months of bottle throwing isn't it.

    MadDScout says to foxrun(7:13 PM):

    MadDScout says to _AB_Newsflash(7:14 PM):
    Would we have any questions from the members on this report??

    Elane says(7:15 PM):

    MadDScout says(7:15 PM):
    Would we have any questions from the members on this report??

    1bobby says to Elane(7:15 PM):
    Go for it

    Elane says(7:15 PM):
    What are the thoughts of Once these cabinet members are in place... how it will affect the value of the dinar... in as much as Abadi will have a full team

    Elane says(7:15 PM):

    Or will he?

    foxrun says(7:16 PM):
    GOI Stability big deal for the RV

    Elane says(7:16 PM):
    You bet!

    _AB_Newsflash says(7:16 PM):

    Elane says(7:16 PM):
    Inflation so under control isnt it?

    sorry thats 2 ?s

    1bobby says to Elane(7:16 PM):
    Not much as far as a value. But will be a big mark on his ability to have a government that can fuction as one and have a mission that complements the Iraqi people

    RickeyT says(7:17 PM):
    may I ask a question on a different topic?

    Elane says(7:17 PM):
    You read between the lines.. Thanks Bobby and AB

    1bobby says to Elane(7:17 PM):
    It will also ease the concerns of the International Community

    MadDScout says to Elane(7:17 PM):
    I think it will go a long way toward the political stability that the CBI is looking for

    MadDScout says to RickeyT(7:17 PM):
    Yes hold one...

    foxrun says(7:18 PM):
    Alak has stated that time and time is in my opinion one of the last big puzzle pieces.

    Elane says(7:18 PM):
    foxrun? the cabinet?

    MadDScout says to foxrun(7:18 PM):
    Right on

    foxrun says(7:19 PM):
    Yes Elaine.

    Elane says(7:19 PM):
    I love the way you all talk

    MadDScout says to foxrun(7:19 PM):
    I don't say it is the "magic" but I say we could see things speed up a little once they are all seated

    Elane says(7:19 PM):
    No no I dont hold YOU to that personally.... but I think we all or hope we all understand what is at stake here with this movement

    SO I look forward to Saturdays work

    1bobby says to Elane(7:19 PM):
    I agree

    foxrun says(7:20 PM):
    Well it is all apart of the witches brew.

    Elane says(7:20 PM):
    Just great thankyou

    MadDScout says to Elane(7:20 PM):
    We have good hopes all will go well

    Elane says(7:20 PM):
    Amen MadDscout

    1bobby says to Elane(7:20 PM):
    There are 5 main ministers that need seating. Those are called the Sovereign 5

    MadDScout says to Elane(7:20 PM):
    Today was a report on him "Polishing up" the 3 new ministers he is going to present

    Elane says to 1bobby(7:20 PM):
    Interior... etc?

    Elane says to 1bobby(7:21 PM):
    I didnt know that.. the Sovereign 5

    Elane says to MadDScout(7:21 PM):
    Very educational.. thanks for the layman terms

    1bobby says to Elane(7:21 PM):
    yes. Interior, Defense, Finance, Foreign and Oil. 2 of the 5 are seated

    Elane says to MadDScout(7:22 PM):
    So in essence this Saturday could possibly see them ALL seated?!

    MadDScout says to Elane(7:22 PM):

    foxrun says(7:22 PM):
    My IMHO it will go but not as we expect...IRAQI STYLE.

    1bobby says to Elane(7:22 PM):
    No idea. I will be waiting just like everyone else to see the progress

    Elane says to MadDScout(7:22 PM):
    I hear you. Ok thankyou for your time.

    Okie Dinar says to foxrun(7:22 PM):

    MadDScout says to _AB_Newsflash(7:23 PM):
    Andrew did you have a report?

    To bring us

    MadDScout says to _AB_Newsflash(7:23 PM):

    _AB_Newsflash says(7:23 PM):
    i am looking as we speak

    gimme a few

    MadDScout says to _AB_Newsflash(7:23 PM):
    Right on

    foxrun says(7:24 PM):

    MadDScout says(7:24 PM):
    State - owned companies have indicated their willingness for the reconstruction of liberated areas

    Read More :

    MadDScout says(7:25 PM):
    General Company for the design and implementation of projects announced one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals full readiness to contribute to the reconstruction of the affected areas in Anbar and Salahuddin province.

    foxrun says(7:26 PM):
    This so huge for the future....putting shovels in their hands instead of rifles...will change the tribal culture.

    MadDScout says to foxrun(7:26 PM):
    The center said Director of Information and Public Relations at the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Abdul Wahid al-Shammari said in a statement received "Economy News," a copy of it today, "The company is fully prepared to participate in the reconstruction of the affected areas of vital facilities and infrastructure, roads, bridges and the reconstruction of buildings and power plants and also water treatment plants, so come through the efforts and expertise of the company in this area, where the company has the reconstruction of bridges in the province of Basra Fayhaa bridge and bridge navigational aperture ".

    There is a big campaign to get people to work

    foxrun says(7:27 PM):
    This to me is key for Iraq...give the citizens skin in the game....

    MadDScout says to foxrun(7:27 PM):
    There is a big campaign to get people to work

    1bobby says(7:28 PM):
    The reconstruction effort will be amazing. Will promote the private sector and like you said, put Iraqi's to work

    MadDScout says to foxrun(7:28 PM):
    Lots of reports about the reconstruction and the number of countries who are standing in line to help rebuild the freed areas

    foxrun says(7:28 PM):
    I can not emphasize enough jobs aplenty is a game changer for this ME country.

    When the news talks about all the destruction I see OPPORTUNITY...rebuilding their country.

    MadDScout says to foxrun(7:30 PM):
    I saw school refurbishment, and a call go out to job seekers for the Oil industry

    foxrun says(7:30 PM):
    Yes will happen big time just watch.

    MadDScout says to foxrun(7:31 PM):
    They even have scams identified to be "fishing scams to get would be job applicants information

    _AB_Newsflash says to MadDScout(7:32 PM):
    ok found a juicy one

    Ame says(7:32 PM):
    GN gang

    larrykn says to Ame(7:33 PM):
    be safe

    Okie Dinar says to Ame(7:33 PM):

    MadDScout says to _AB_Newsflash(7:33 PM):
    Hold one

    _AB_Newsflash says to MadDScout(7:33 PM):
    GN Ame

    MadDScout says to RickeyT(7:33 PM):
    Did you have a question earlier?

    Ame says(7:33 PM):
    as long as I don't wake up in OX I will B fine

    Ame says(7:33 PM):

    RickeyT says to MadDScout(7:33 PM):

    MadDScout says to RickeyT(7:34 PM):
    Go ahead

    RickeyT says to MadDScout(7:34 PM):
    is Iraq still in phase one of the economic roll out?

    MadDScout says to RickeyT(7:35 PM):
    I am not sure on where they are in terms of phases

    RickeyT says to MadDScout(7:35 PM):

    MadDScout says to RickeyT(7:35 PM):
    But we see a lot of "rattle" about them getting banking in order

    RickeyT says to MadDScout(7:36 PM):
    I saw an article earlier about the "next phase"

    MadDScout says to RickeyT(7:36 PM):
    Unless it is an exercise in rhetoric, I would say they have a plan and a goal and am satisfied to watch the action

    1bobby says(7:36 PM):
    They are pushing their economy on a daily basis to further the needs of the Iraqi people. As we see from the COM meetings, Abadi is pushing forth his "economic" package

    MadDScout says to RickeyT(7:37 PM):
    Some times they use that word to denote the next "time period"

    1bobby says(7:37 PM):
    There are certain things he can and can not do. He can't work without a certain law that Parliament has yet to pass, so he does what he can to keep the economy going

    MadDScout says to RickeyT(7:37 PM):
    It is hard unless taken in context to get what they specifically mean in a given use of the phrase

    foxrun says(7:37 PM):
    Even new refineries

    MadDScout says to foxrun(7:39 PM):
    There is a building boom ready to happen in these liberated areas

    foxrun says(7:39 PM):
    It is my belief that the private sector will be the horse that drags this country into the next properous can see itgrowing muscle everyday.

    MadDScout says to _AB_Newsflash(7:39 PM):
    Go with that report Andrew

    foxrun says(7:39 PM):
    it growing

    MadDScout says to foxrun(7:40 PM):

    suprkat53 says(7:40 PM):

    MadDScout says to suprkat53(7:40 PM):

    foxrun says(7:41 PM):
    Just like this country...goverments do not create least real is private enterprise that will light this baby off.

    suprkat53 says(7:41 PM):
    I saw earlier where you mentioned they were working on water. Is there proper water for the people now?

    MadDScout says to suprkat53(7:41 PM):
    There is a ongoing effort

    as with many things you have war damage

    foxrun says(7:41 PM):
    Work in progress

    _AB_Newsflash says(7:41 PM):
    Awadi: Parliament agrees to read the land titling law, bypassing the second reading and there are deputies opponents

    BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press:
    MP for the Liberal Awad al-Awadi block, on Thursday, on the approval of Parliament to read the land titling law, bypassing the second reading, as he pointed out that there are MPs opposed to the law Aimitlkon courage to approval being will reveal the corrupt, who has long extorted poor bond territory, including forged during the election period.
    He said al-Awadi, in an interview for "tomorrow's Press," "after having objections illegal not to legislation titling law Residential Land Municipal bypassing approved on second reading," stressing that "despite the difficulties encountered and after my presentation and I am convinced that the law was unconstitutional and illegal and legal right and keeps the design basic cities because of the state's duty to provide housing for citizens. "
    "The President of the Parliament Legal and Finance Committee and Afqu the enactment of the law and to begin the second reading, but there was opposition from people (some, not all) of the state law specifically," adding that "these people are opposed to Aimitlkon courage to pass this law being will reveal the corrupt, who has long poor ground extorted bonds forged ones during the election period. "
    Al-Awadi noted that "the face of the parliament that will be host to make some adjustments and speed in the provision of the law to vote," noting that "the information reached all do some deputies abusers promise during the election period Pettmenm residential land to earn their votes."
    He pointed out that "this proposal debunking exploits the poor and now we're not in an election period and Amqublan them as well as I made this 12/08/2015 law," noting that "when the Iraqi people watched parliamentary session will see the fact that some MPs in opposition to the law of land titling

    MadDScout says to suprkat53(7:42 PM):
    and infrustructure issues

    It is a work in progress and yes some areas have limited fresh water

    _AB_Newsflash says(7:42 PM):
    sorry thought you were finished

    1bobby says(7:42 PM):
    The COM has pushed the water projects to heights never seen before today in Iraq. Even completing projects in Province's that have yet to have the displaced return. Very good question

    People need basics before returning

    MadDScout says to suprkat53(7:43 PM):
    Indeed good question

    suprkat53 says(7:43 PM):
    I just feel so bad for them every time I turn on my water faucet.

    1bobby says(7:43 PM):
    I agree

    MadDScout says to _AB_Newsflash(7:43 PM):
    LOL So did I

    What was your read on this ?

    suprkat53 says(7:43 PM):

    MadDScout says to suprkat53(7:44 PM):
    You're most welcome

    MadDScout says(7:44 PM):
    Also folks we realize the clock is ticking and we will wrap here shortly

    1bobby says(7:45 PM):
    yeah plus Bobby's on 2 Bourbons

    MadDScout says to 1bobby(7:45 PM):

    _AB_Newsflash says(7:45 PM):
    land for lease/sale

    suprkat53 says(7:45 PM):

    foxrun says(7:45 PM):
    Great newstime Pat job well done...I like it.

    MadDScout says to _AB_Newsflash(7:45 PM):
    Ah some more non-oil revenue?

    _AB_Newsflash says(7:45 PM):
    that too

    MadDScout says to foxrun(7:45 PM):
    Thank you Tom

    MadDScout says to 1bobby(7:46 PM):
    Did you see that report?

    foxrun says(7:46 PM):
    We roll easy like fine bourbon here.

    MadDScout says(7:47 PM):
    Do we have any question?

    larrykn says(7:47 PM):

    MadDScout says to larrykn(7:48 PM):

    1bobby says(7:48 PM):
    That article speaks somewhat what was discussed in Parliament today about providing housing for the poor and displaced

    MadDScout says to larrykn(7:48 PM):

    larrykn says(7:48 PM):
    what is your option on what happening with the Turks coming in unwelcome

    1bobby says to larrykn(7:49 PM):
    That's a big deal and has gotten bigger. Yet I saw a report tonight where Turkey has softened it's stance somewhat

    larrykn says(7:49 PM):
    haven't seen that one but a lot of news on it all day

    MadDScout says to larrykn(7:49 PM):
    I figure they will more as time goes also

    foxrun says(7:49 PM):
    I for one see their point....

    1bobby says to larrykn(7:49 PM):
    Will they vacate? Not yet. The pressure is building thryu International channels to resolve the problem

    MadDScout says to larrykn(7:50 PM):
    pull back was the last part of my statement

    larrykn says to 1bobby(7:50 PM):
    yes saw that they put a request in with the UN today

    1bobby says to larrykn(7:50 PM):
    Gotta remember they are acting as if they are protecting Sunni interest

    MadDScout says to larrykn(7:50 PM):

    larrykn says to 1bobby(7:50 PM):
    I don't buy that

    MadDScout says to larrykn(7:51 PM):
    So they don't look like the "heavy"

    1bobby says to larrykn(7:51 PM):
    And they were invited for training purposes into Iraq over a year ago. they just want to flex more muscle

    larrykn says to MadDScout(7:51 PM):
    its just the timing that gets me

    1bobby says to larrykn(7:51 PM):
    I do think it's somewhat holding up the liberation of Mosul

    foxrun says(7:51 PM):
    With a ****e gov't I see their well as Iran is on their turf yet no out cry,

    MadDScout says to larrykn(7:51 PM):
    Yes but I say it will work itself out.

    larrykn says to MadDScout(7:52 PM):
    I pray your right

    MadDScout says to larrykn(7:52 PM):
    Turkey does not want to risk regional engagement

    larrykn says to MadDScout(7:52 PM):
    I don't think anyone does

    foxrun says(7:52 PM):
    It will but again they have a valid point

    1bobby says to larrykn(7:52 PM):
    And I'm sure NATO is shaking their heads at Turkey

    MadDScout says to larrykn(7:52 PM):
    It's not good for business

    larrykn says to MadDScout(7:53 PM):

    MadDScout says to foxrun(7:53 PM):

    MadDScout says to larrykn(7:54 PM):
    Was that clear as mud for ya?

    1bobby says to larrykn(7:54 PM):
    Also see reports that Baghdad and Erbil are working together for Mosul

    MadDScout says to larrykn(7:54 PM):

    foxrun says(7:54 PM):
    It is okay for Iran to be there ....they are not Sunni...Turkey is a neighboring state...they do have standing of sorts.

    larrykn says to MadDScout(7:54 PM):
    wait I'm still digging out lol

    1bobby says(7:54 PM):
    Iraq is soverign.....period

    MadDScout says to 1bobby(7:54 PM):
    Yes lots of good stuff there, I had a report we don't have time for that spoke to that

    MadDScout says to larrykn(7:55 PM):

    MadDScout says(7:55 PM):
    Any more questions?

    foxrun says(7:55 PM):
    Yes Bobby but do look at the list of foreign nationals in place.

    MadDScout says to foxrun(7:56 PM):
    Yes I did

    1bobby says(7:56 PM):
    Big difference there. The Coalition has no horse in this race so to speak

    No secterian interest

    they want a free Iraq

    foxrun says(7:56 PM):
    no revealed horse...TBD.

    Great night guys!!!

    david334 says(7:57 PM):

    MadDScout says to foxrun(7:58 PM):

    larrykn says(7:58 PM):
    I like to say all you guys an Gals did a great job tonight, we do have a great team here at DU :

    _AB_Newsflash says(7:58 PM):
    thank you for having us here MadDScout

    MadDScout says to foxrun(7:58 PM):
    This is how we learn. With the give and take, along with holding each other to
    account on what is brought as true news.

    1bobby says(7:58 PM):
    For a first run....not bad at all

    Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(7:59 PM):

    magnetlady says(7:59 PM):
    WOW What a good first try everyone. I think everyone enjoyed it very much

    suprkat53 says(7:59 PM):
    Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it!

    MadDScout says(7:59 PM):
    We have started a campaign on Facebook where the poster of an article is liable to
    be challenged as to it's realevance as far as this investment is concerned, if it is
    not obvious by the post.

    Okie Dinar says(7:59 PM):
    Ya'll did great! Thank you!

    foxrun says(7:59 PM):
    Not bad at all...!!!!!!!!

    MadDScout says(7:59 PM):
    Hold one

    magnetlady says(7:59 PM):
    Wasn't a try it was a done deal. YEA

    MadDScout says(7:59 PM):
    This is not an attempt to challenge the persons skill level as a researcher, but to
    get everyone who is posting news, to think more critically about what constitutes a
    "News worthy post". Or more simply, "Is this post relevant".

    foxrun says(8:00 PM):
    BGG if you are out there put a gold star in MadScout's jacket...he deserves it.

    MadDScout says(8:00 PM):
    I don't think it wrong to require that a post be relevant (BGG will correct me if I
    am wrong), and it's result will be to help hone those skills you will need to be a
    discerning and able manager, of anything you stand to gain in this endeavor.

    If you are satisfied with waiting for someone to "clue you in", you will have it very
    rough after this happens. Start now, if you have not already, reading into these
    reports, ask questions when it is difficult to get it's meaning, and maybe between
    us, we can work out what they are saying. And you will exercise those muscles
    needed for a post "program rate" Dinar.

    Just don't bail, or wait to be spoon fed, because nobody will help you keep your
    gains that way. You will then have to learn what being proactive looks like, while
    trying to hold on to what you have.

    Take advantage of what we have here, to learn and practice those skills needed by
    good managers, so your post DU chatroom life, will be a success.

    If you are lazy on this side, you will likely be lazy afterward. Humans are creatures
    of habit after all.

    foxrun says(8:01 PM):
    Well Said Pat!

    MadDScout says(8:01 PM):
    I mean every bit of this with affection and humility. I am just a guy trying to help
    people to not settle, for the outlandish stories fed to them by people with "less
    than clear" motives.

    Mr. White says it best in one clear sentence...."What do we know?"
    We take that approach seriously over on Facebook. And is truly all we have to go
    on. Which for the attentive, is enough.

    Don't confuse news with "so and so"(<<insert your favorite guru here) says yadda
    yadda. 'Cause unless he lives in Iraq and or works for central bank or IMF, it is
    guess work. We can do as much here.

    Thats is why we are here, and we have some very capable people helping us with
    our understand or the "What do we know?"'s

    If there are no more questions?....................

    foxrun says(8:03 PM):
    Yeah what do we know and for many "what does it mean".

    Okie Dinar says to MadDScout(8:03 PM):
    Very well said MadDScout! Thank you so very much!!

    larrykn says to MadDScout(8:03 PM):
    very well said

    MadDScout says to larrykn(8:03 PM):

    1bobby says(8:03 PM):
    Kudos my friend

    BGG says(8:03 PM):
    No correction needed - Great commentary!!

    MadDScout says(8:03 PM):
    I hope y'all enjoyed our first run at this.

    Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(8:04 PM):
    Thank you Bobby!

    patti says(8:04 PM):
    It was GREAT!! THANK YOU!!!

    _AB_Newsflash says to MadDScout(8:04 PM):
    you did a Magnificent job

    BGG says(8:04 PM):
    Keep on keeping on brother!!

    MadDScout says(8:04 PM):
    We promise to only get better.

    karonshaye says(8:04 PM):
    Thank You!!!!!

    MrsBGG says to MadDScout(8:04 PM):
    Thank you!! You'all did great!!

    Elane says to MadDScout(8:04 PM):
    IT was quite good gang!

    1bobby says to Okie Dinar(8:04 PM):
    Thank you so much

    Okie Dinar says to magnetlady(8:04 PM):
    Thank you for copying!

    MadDScout says to BGG(8:04 PM):
    Thank you so much

    BGG says to MadDScout(8:04 PM):
    Thank you so much Pat!!

    suprkat53 says(8:04 PM):

    Last edited by magnetlady; 10-07-2016 at 01:27 AM.

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