Parliament voted to support the law, doctors and finish reading the seven laws of the host Jaafari [Extended]

2016/10/6 16:58

[Oan- Baghdad]

House of Representatives voted in its regular Thursday under the chairmanship of Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 176 deputies to support the doctors and an end to read the seven projects and proposals of the laws of the law as well as hosting foreign minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari to answer oral questions.

At the outset of the meeting, President al-Jubouri, gave the name of the House of Representatives heartfelt sympathies to the deputy Abbas al-Khuzai of the death of the late mother, while the Council read Surat Al-Fatiha in memory of the deceased and the spirit of the martyrs of Iraq.

The head of the Council's Committee of Experts for the selection of the Independent Electoral Commission members to a meeting next Saturday for the purpose of research on the choice of the High Commission members and determine on Wednesday, June 19 as the date for a meeting of the Committee on constitutional amendments as well as a meeting of the relevant committee to amend the rules of procedure on Sunday 23 this month .

This was followed by Higher Education Commission statement on Almrguenp chains students indicated it to its approached the Ministry of Higher Education to restore students Almrguenp chains to study seats and expand the seats and allow the performance of the examinations for the third round, noting that the Minister of Higher Education and the promise of the Committee to consider about the students Almrguenp chains next week .

Council authorized the Commission on Higher Education of understanding with the Ministry of Higher Education and providing a formula acceptable resolution to be submitted to the Council on the reported request from a number of ladies and gentlemen of Representatives included re all students Almrguenp chains to primary and high academic seats unconditionally and cancel previous resolutions on punctuation restrictions students and allow students who failed in the second round for the performance of the third round of examinations.

The Council voted on draft support doctors and submitted by the committees of health, environment and legal law for the purpose of encouraging doctors to work in health departments outside Baghdad province, especially the provinces repellant each of Maysan, Dhi Qar, Muthanna and work in the branches of scarce medicine and attract Iraqi medical expertise migratory and bridging the shortfall in health circles.

The Board has completed voting in principle to proceed with the second amendment to the draft law to cancel the law of the legal provisions that prohibit courts from hearing lawsuits No. 17 for the year 2005 and presented by the Legal Committee.

Meanwhile reviewed MP Hamdiya Husseini her visit to the dialysis department at Yarmouk hospital, warning into force on Laundering, kidney medical supplies because of the supplying company's failure to provide those materials to the lack of financial allocations have, putting more than 4000 patients in the Karkh district in front death danger.

In turn, MP Qutaiba al-Jubouri, head of the Health and Environment Committee that the issue relates to the lack of debt repayment that they deserve the company, which led to its failure to provide for washing kidney medical materials adding that the Ministry of Health and with the agreement of the health of the Karkh Department has pledged to repay the amounts Bzmtha the company's financial allocations Phase.

The head of the House of Representatives of the Health and Environment Committee to hold an emergency meeting in order to follow up the issue of providing medical materials for dialysis.

In another matter, the Parliament completed the first reading of the proposed protection of biological Act and the Prevention of Discrimination and submitted by the committees of human and religious affairs rights fact that Iraq is a multi-ethnic groups, religions and creeds and cultures and to preserve the heritage and relics and promote the principles of equal citizenship and mutual understanding and social cohesion and peace-building Ahli countries.

And on the question of oral orientated MP Hanan al Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, President al-Jubouri, welcomed the presence of the Minister of the Council.

I inquired MP Hanan al-Jaafari for a number of ambassadors who hold dual nationality and place of work and the amount of time to fill their positions, citing the need to address past mistakes to take the ambassadors of citizenship for office holders and give a chance to national competencies to ensure national loyalty.

In response to the question revealed the Foreign Minister about the presence of 79 ambassadors since 2014 and after the assignment of a number of them to retire now number 66 ambassadors, including 32 with dual nationalities, adding that the duration of the work of Ambassador be two years and increases in some cases to five years after bring them back to work again, noting that the ministry will stick to any legislation that comes from the House of Representatives on dual nationality.

The MP raised Fatlawi a question about the time period in which they were appointed ambassadors there.

Jaafari replied that the appointment of ambassadors was in 2004 and 2009 after voting for them in the House.

He asked Rep Fatlawi Foreign Ministry measures to the immigration problem and the steps carried out by the number of migrants who have died and imprisoned in the Diaspora.

Jaafari said that the responsibilities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is limited in terms of legislation that the crisis requires a great international and local effort to accommodate their effects, adding that the ministry took the initiative to other tasks to alleviate the suffering of refugees while ensuring that the return of refugees is voluntary and not coercive.

The Foreign Minister and the obstacles out of control, especially Maitalq the existence of laws in some states do not allow interference refugee issues or provide data on their numbers.

And between al-Jaafari, said the ministry's measures, including investment of the diplomatic presence of the Iraqi in the in the New York to hold meetings with a number of international officials and stakeholders and directing taken letters to the owners of the international influence on refugees as well as the existence of a proposal from the ministry submitted to the prime minister to form a crisis cell includes several ministries, to take action private resort with a pinch of issuance of the Foreign Ministry for more than 22,000 special passport for asylum-seekers voluntary return indicating the death of 72 Iraqi refugees have been provide for their bodies to return to Iraq as well as the move to release some jailed on various charges.

And provide Parliament Speaker thanked the deputy Hanan al Foreign Minister for taking part in their own oral question the practice of democracy.

In another matter, President al-Jubouri asked the Foreign Minister to provide clarification on the ministry's position on Turkey's military intervention.

In turn, al-Jaafari said the Ministry's series contacts with the Turkish side for the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Ba'shiqah noting that some Turkish officials, particularly recent statements on the insistence of Ankara on the survival of Turkish troops was surprising to Iraq's position, stressing the unwillingness of Iraq to overcook any relationship with any country, including the Turkey.

The foreign minister said that the ministry has taken and communication procedures with the permanent members of the five UN Security Council members about the Turkish position and we get their support, but asked to wait to take any action in addition to that the ministry managed to issue a decision by the Arab League unanimously includes a condemnation of the Turkish intervention and calling for the withdrawal of Turkish troops from the occupied Iraqi.

He noted that the recent crisis revealed the presence of Turkish troops repercussions status link after the battle of Mosul, where we asked the Security Council to convene an emergency session will be held that day to take the Council's role in maintaining international peace and security in conjunction with the release of a statement from the Arab League to condemn the latest Turkish escalation, stressing not to allow any override the sovereignty of Iraq.

The House of Representatives and he finished reading the report and discuss the draft government banks and provided financial and legal Committees Act.

In the interventions of Representatives, MP Abbas al-Bayati urged to take advantage of international experience in the development of the work of Iraqi banks.

MP Joseph Saliwa Finance Committee to issue a recommendation to open alternative to Rafidain Bank Hamdania a bank branch in another area in order to secure the withdrawal of the citizens for their money.
He MP Riad Ghraib that Iraqi banks are not able to keep pace with developments in the banking sector in the world, especially in the field of investment funds.

The MP Abdul Aziz Hassan presence directives oblige the security forces secured the funds to reach some of the areas where the situation volatile.

In its reply to the interventions of the Committee on stressed keenness on developing the work of banks by seeking to enact a law to be considered by the Council of State to form a body to ensure the deposit guarantee the provision of funds to depositors in the event of a delay job banks, adding that Iraqi banks lagging behind compared to banks overseas.

The House of Representatives has completed reading the report and discuss the draft of the Iraqi National Paralympic Committee Act and submitted by the Committee of Youth and Sports.

In the interventions MP Kawa Mohamed called for a change to the term with disabilities to those with special needs, calling for the allocation of a sports expert representing the Kurdistan region in the Committee.

In its reply to the interventions of the Committee on International it confirmed that the Charter does not allow the existence of a representation of nationalities in the Commission noting the presence of the Vice President of the Paralympic Committee of the Kurdish component.

It ended the report and discuss the first draft amendment to the law take care of minors Law No. 78 of 1980 and sponsored by the committees of Women, Family, Children and Finance.

In the interventions MP Ibtisam al-Hilali stressed compensation minors previous value of their money to gold ratio of impaired at the moment and exempting them from fees.

I suggest MP Raad Faris has added educational care for minors within the law as well as material and moral compensation.

The MP Riad Ghraib to the development and Astosmaar funds minors and not leave limited.

In its response to the input, the Committee on emphasized taken into account all the views and proposals submitted to serve the maturing of the law.

Council completed reading the report and discussion of the proposed Act to amend the Companies Act No. 21 of 1997 as amended and submitted by the committees of Tourism and Antiquities and the economy and investment.

In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives, Rep. Risan Dler called to change the bill to make it Cancel instead of amendment name.

In its reply to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed amend the draft law formula after the agreement and consultation with the concerned authorities.

Council and he finished reading the report and discuss the proposal of the First Amendment to the law of the Iraqi Media Network, No. 26 of 2015 and submitted by the Committees for Culture, Media and legal.

In the interventions of Representatives MP Riad Ghraib, the Board of Trustees redundant loop in the Iraqi Media Network structure, calling for its repeal.

MP Hassan Turan urged to abide by the decision of the private Federal Court to amend some articles of the Iraqi Media Network Act.

MP Joseph Saliwa to allocate part of the Iraqi Media Network in the Syriac language broadcast and set up a private radio speaking in this language.

He said Fadel MP Kanani that the amendment submitted by the Federal Court did not abide by the decision of a private existence Maitalq Board of Trustees, the network and the consequent financial burden, especially that the media network of the Board of Directors oversees the network which calls for cancellation of the Board of Trustees work.

In its reply to the interventions of the Committee on stressed the importance of the media network link the House of Representatives, noting that the Federal Court decision supported network link the House of Representatives and the reduction of the Board of Trustees of the nine members to six members are drawing the network policy to ensure Nozj media democracy away from the style of totalitarian regimes, illustrated the names nomination for a board of trustees of the powers of the government and the House of Representatives approves them, insisting on the importance of the presence of the Syriac language within the network programs.

On the other hand, the Council did read the report and discussion of the proposed law titling low-income residential land and provided financial services, reconstruction and legal committees.

In the interventions of Representatives, MP Abbas al-Bayati called for radical treatment with regard to the issue of housing, according to a clear strategy and well thought out.

He noted the MP Awad al-Awadi, that the proposed law will contribute in solving the housing crisis for more than two million and a half Iraqi citizen must resolve the issue of squatters on public lands who do not own any real estate.

He urged the MP Zana happy to build housing complexes and distribution of housing units where the citizens according to the controls.

The MP called for the activation of flowers Turaihi Resolution No. 254, which helps to solve the housing crisis in Iraq and end the problem of squatters on public lands.

In its reply to the interventions, the Committee on expressed interest in further study the proposals submitted on the proposed law to find a suitable formula, pointing out that abusers not necessarily be low-income, proposed the formation of a joint committee take it upon themselves to take the necessary measures for the housing crisis solutions, pointing to the existence of 9 million Iraqis are living below the poverty line, according to the statistics of the Ministry of planning.

In turn, the President of the House of Representatives introducing the necessary amendments to the proposed law in line with the Constitution and the requirements of the poor citizens.
In another matter, al-Jubouri instructed to allocate on Saturday for a meeting of parliamentary committees as well as a meeting of the presidium with the heads of the committees and parliamentary blocs.