The parliamentary energy demand intensified efforts to invest in natural gas


The National Alliance mp student and member of the Parliamentary Committee on oil and energy Razak mheibes to intensify efforts to invest the associated gas to extract oil.

Mheibes said in a press statement, Elio Thursday, that "the oil sector is important and is the backbone of the country's budget, calling on the Government to" give great importance to this sector and also the Parliamentary Committee on oil and energy, priority oil and gas legal vote and vote on the Iraqi national oil company, are two of the most important laws that must vote on it ", stating that" voting on laws that would regulate the country's natural resources and differences between Baghdad and Erbil. "

He demanded "intensification of efforts to invest the associated gas to extract oil," adding that "the gas fields in the Western provinces would bring balance to optimally developed."

Mheibes called "bozrarh actress State industry should heed to the natural resources which were invested so far, and other minerals that help the big money and money if invested."

Mighty oil Minister allaibi confirmed on 21 September last, that his strategy to develop Iraq's oil industry through the open door of the investment.

He said the oil Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said that "the Ministry is interested in developing the gas sector through working on investment optimization for associated gas to oil operations."