Already told Human Rights Watch that in the past revealed widespread abuse committed by the popular crowd forces

Human Rights Watch calls Abadi to prevent violations during the Battle of Mosul

Roudao - Erbil
In the letter sent to the Iraqi prime minister, Haidar al - Abbadi, the organization "Human Rights Watch" he said that "the Iraqi government must undertake to prevent implicated the armed forces elements in violations of the laws of war from participating in the planned operations have against al (Islamic state armed extremist) also known as (Daesh), in Mosul. "
The organization added that it "must be among those barred from participating elements (Popular Mobilization Forces troops), a group of allied armed forces with the government, and the government must ensure the protection of fundamental rights and non-discrimination in security screening and detention of prisoners during the Mosul operations, where he remains about 1.2 million civilians were present in Mosul, Iraq's second city, which is dominated by the Daesh in June 2014 ".
She highlighted the "Human Rights Watch" Research in the wake of regaining control of the city of Fallujah from al Daesh process in May / May 2016, that the "popular crowd elements and at least one of the Iraqi federal police component, had beaten men were captured, and tortured and executed them on the ground, Hide forcibly with civilians, including children, and resorting to smear the bodies. "
And already the international organization that has revealed in the past about "massive violations committed by the popular crowd forces, including the destruction and looting of property of civilians in the (science and Omerla and Albu-Ajeel role and parts of Tikrit), after regaining control of those areas of the Daesh in March / March and April / April 2015".
FAO said Abadi, that "prevents the armed forces led or controlled by, and has been implicated in violations of the laws of war, including the" Badr Brigades "and" Hezbollah "and other groups Brigades, part of the popular crowd, from participating in the planned recovery of Mosul operations, and that the authorities to take measures to protect the fleeing civilians, who are in the camps of retaliatory attacks. "
Human Rights Watch also documented "the recruitment of children 2 of tribal militias ago, Mdahumican from the government (the crowd clan), and Charcan in the fight against Daesh, the Iraqi government has demanded to stop dealing with the armed groups that recruit children, and that did not Tsarhhm from its ranks."
In light of the violations witnessed by former special operations to restore areas under the control Daesh, Human Rights Watch for Ebadi also made recommendations "to prevent violations during any acts of examination and detention in connection with the process of Mosul."
The organization said that "if the Iraqi forces and Kurdish prepared centers to check Mgadra Mosul, it must be under the supervision of the Iraqi security forces or the Kurdistan Regional Government all forces, not any armed forces committed violations, the authorities must ensure that exceed these checks a few hours, and that anyone prolonged detention is treated as a detainee and ensure the protection of detainees him all the measures under Iraqi and international law, must also belong anyone not supposed to Daesh or suspected criminal activity because of sex, age, religious or tribal origin community. "
She told Human Rights Watch expressed concern that "Iraqi law sets the age of criminal responsibility in nine years, if the authorities examined the children who leave Mosul and suspected that some of them have been recruited or used as soldiers by Daesh, it must be treated concentrated on rehabilitation and reintegration to society, not detention or prosecution. "
Since the Fallujah operation Abadi government has refused to announce any information on the number of dead and prisoners of war during or after the process, despite repeated requests from Human Rights Watch access to this information.