Iraqi newspapers
Tensions between Turkey and Iraq tops the headlines of the day

Roudao - Erbil

Exports Turkish military intervention in Iraq issued today Iraqi newspaper headlines, which focused on the peak of the crisis in the wake of Turkey to increase its forces in Mosul, as Yale Headline - grabber:

Newspaper Range:
-altotr Between Iraq and Turkey culminates summoned the ambassadors of the two countries.
-foren Affairs: Daesh foreign fighters caused the loss of strategic battles in Iraq.
-alebadi Ask the National Alliance "freeze" interrogations for a few months.

Mashreq newspaper:
-alozmh Between Ankara and Baghdad .. and escalate the battle against Daesh on the doors .. politicians are beating the "alarm" and warn: Turkey threatens Iraq with "water war" .. and seeks to occupy directly to the connector.
Framed to get the money .. Martyrs Foundation warns of persons posing described.

Newspaper, the new evidence:
-alberlman Turkish is not the guardian of Iraq and the country is facing a huge project for shredded.
-altsoeh Historical! .. National Alliance, which is desired by the people of the majority it work on the big initiatives.
-naib Kurdish reveals "an American auspices" of the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil.

Newspaper People's Road:
-alhdithi: We seek through the international community to end the presence of Turkish troops.
-External Iraqi calls for the Turkish ambassador and its Turkish counterpart reciprocate.
-alraoa Lying Krhot: Administrative Justice in order to decide on the issue of sack me.

Zaman newspaper:
-tsaid Diplomatic standoff between Iraq and Turkey.
-khbayr For "time": Iraq has become an arena for money laundering.
-alebadi Submit candidates for the vacant ministries to Parliament today.