Yazidi survivor: Daesh transfer of abducted on meals .. and stayed several months in Mosul

Twilight News / more than two years ago on the massacres committed Daesh the right people in Sinjar, especially women who have been raped, tortured and killed, some of them managed to escape from the oppression of Daesh while still hundreds of them prisoners of the extremist organization, waiting for any opportunity to be freed from the torment.
Dalia survivor Daesh told some of her suffering with the organization and how it was hijacked with her relatives by Daesh. Dalia says in a statement to one of the satellite television that "we live in a village of the district of Sinjar, Kojo before the monsters come lurking us pounce on us and Akhtefonna Monna our money and our men were killed, that's what he did organize Daesh us." He adds by saying "Do not forget on 08/03/2014 where he entered Daesh We are taking women on the meals to the Technical Institute in Alsolakh area after they killed the men, and take us between the Afar and Alsolakh in the way we see the bodies discarded men in the street of the carnage left by the monsters Daesh" . The relay Dalia, "I was kidnapped and a number of my family remained for several months when organizing Daesh in Mosul survived times of rape, but I did not ange of torture was able to escape but still 17 women of my family suffer woe with al Daesh."