Unidentified kill "Abu Dawood Egyptian" official "security Diwan" Bdaash within the city of Mosul

Twilight News / early local source said on Thursday the death of a terrorist organization Daesh leaders inside the city of Mosul by unidentified gunmen.
The source said in a statement to the Twilight News, said that "an unknown group attacked at seven o'clock in the morning using a silenced weapon, nicknamed" Abu Dawood Egyptian "so-called" security Diwan "official, as he left his residence, which dates back to one professors Mosul University area cultural Group north of the city, killing him on the spot and then fled to an unknown destination ", adding that" Egypt is the most prominent leaders of the organization in the city and has committed many crimes against unarmed civilians. "
The source, who asked not to be named, said the reference to "regulation was closed most of the left side areas and boosted its spread in the streets and important intersections and deliberately to scrutinize the identities of the owners of the wheels and some passers-by, especially young people in order to reach the perpetrators of the process." It is noted that in the recent period have increased operations against elements of al-Daesh in the city of Mosul by a group left the letter "M" in the place where it attacks the organization, referring to the resistance, and those operations come in tune with the imminent start of the battle to liberate the city.