Arrested 26 wanted and dismantle a roadside bomb in Babylon

Baghdad balances News
It said Babil province police headquarters, seized a homemade explosive device in Alexandria hand, with the arrest of 26 wanted to eliminate confirmed during the past 24 hours. The command said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, that " the security services in the province of Babylon - Alexandria Police Department in coordination with the Department of internal affairs and security of Babylon , in cooperation with the National Intelligence and Security were able to carry out an inspection and field survey in the area of Alexandria trendy village triumph neighborhood resulting in an explosive device found inside one of the homes which is a hardware container weapon monochrome 14.5 - caliber mortar with 60 mm / 2 connected to a fuse cortex. " She added, "it was the arrest of the owner of the house, found it on the packaging and taken by force to the police station for the purpose of interrogation." She continued, "It directorates and departments leadership carried out during the past 24 hours raid and search operations in a number of areas to preserve resulted in the arrest of 26 wanted on criminal charges a variety of legal infractions, operations included most of the districts and areas of the province under a plan prepared for the implementation of all arrest warrants issued by the judicial authority . " .anthy 29 / d 24