12 investment projects in Karbala at a cost of $ 99 million

06/10/2016 12:00 am

Including tourist and agricultural and residential projects


Local administration in Karbala of completing 12 investment projects report commissioned by 99 million dollars, head of the Oversight Committee to invest in provincial Council Zuhair Abu Dakka, a permit for "morning" that the past years have seen the implementation of Karbala, 15 investment projects at a cost of 256 million and 848 thousand dollars, with work continuing to complete 12 projects in residential and agricultural areas and attractions at a cost of 99 million, 306, 000

He added that all approvals granted Karbala investment required to implement these projects, pointing out that last year saw the completion of 10 profitable investment projects at a cost of 106 million, 997 thousand dollars as an iron and steel factory by a Chinese company with $ 38 million and $ 660, 000, as well as three egg projects total cost reaching over six million, 724, 000 dollars, adding to the chicken cage at a cost of $ 2 million and 330 thousand dollars, as well as fodder plant in excess Six million

Abu drew the deck investment projects also included the creation of two hotels with a total cost of up to 58 million and $ 283 a tar factory blown ECU million, 667 thousand dollars as well as oxygen production by James mill increase cost him $ 1 million, noting that these projects will contribute to the development of physical movement in Karbala reality, strenuous efforts to facilitate proceedings before