Representative of Iraq at the UN Security Council: the government is moving internationally Turkish intervention

2016/10/5 21:57

[Oan- Baghdad]

Representative of Iraq at the UN Security Council, Mohammed Ali al-Hakim, said that the Iraqi government began to act internationally on the Turkish intervention.

Hakim said in a press statement, that "the Office of the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister told us to meet with President of the Security Council and has already been done to explain the position of Iraq from Turkish violations and also we met with Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and Odhna Iraq's position on the violations and statements of Turkey and the Turkish parliament to extend the stay of troops violations and clear." .

He added that "the President of the Security Council was fully Mtvhma to the situation in Iraq as well as the deputy secretary and I consider that the situation is serious and will contact the UN envoy in Iraq to clarify that."

Hakim stressed that "there is support for the position of Iraq to the Turkish violations and not as a resolution under Chapter VII of the Turkish troops out."

The Iraqi Council of Representatives yesterday voted to reject the decision of the Turkish parliament to extend the survival of Turkish forces into Iraqi territory [in the northern city of Mosul] Iraqi government and called for consideration of these "occupied and hostile" forces while taking mutatis to deal with them and taking them out of the Iraqi territory if it does not respond to Iraqi demands with demand from the competent judicial authorities by moving the litigation to hold accountable the claimants to enter the Turkish troops and launch support statements and justifying their existence. "

The Foreign Ministry summoned the ambassador to leave for Iraq to clarify the remarks "provocative" the last of his country's officials about the upcoming battle of Mosul.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called last Sunday, to maintain the demographics of the city of Mosul, after its liberation from Daesh, "then where inhabitants have all different ethnic backgrounds."