Trade: new mechanisms to facilitate the procedures and the granting of licenses to exporters
General Company for Iraqi exhibitions and commercial services in the Ministry of Commerce began granting export licenses for goods and materials intended for export in accordance with the new mechanism adopted by the Economic Committee of the Cabinet .
The general director of the company Hashim Mohammed Hatem said in a statement to the Ministry of Commerce received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, said on Wednesday that "export department in the company embarked on the twentieth of the month of September to grant licenses the export of goods and materials intended for export based on the book of the Council of Ministers issued dated 06.24.2015. "

said Hatem , " it was the adoption of new mechanisms for the granting of export licenses from which to pursue exporting materials and funds received and control the export and its conformity with the applicable instructions by the General Administration of Customs and the National Security Service and money laundering in the Central Bank both by responsibility* . "

He stressed that" the General Company for Trade will on its part to provide the money laundering department at the central bank with a copy of the export to track funds received and the implications for the export license, in addition to the implementation of the recommendations of the Council of Ministers to facilitate the procedures for exporters and good to deal with them and hold them large sums of money. "