Economist: restrict economic activity with Turkey is a pressure card to withdraw troops from Iraq
By sd sd -October 5, 2016
Treasures Media / follow-up
Durgham competent economic affairs Mohammed Ali called on the Iraqi government to invite companies to cut travel tours to Turkey , noting that restrict economic activity with Turkey the most powerful leverage to force it to withdraw its troops from Iraqi soil .

He said in a statement that government pressure measures can be imposed on Turkey to change its stance toward Iraq , stressing that it is possible to instruct the Commerce Department to restrict the granting of import from Turkey licenses except in the case of essential commodities and the ruling reduced remittances by Iraqi banks and the central bank to Turkey of the minimum" .

He noted that "restrict trade and tourist traffic would harm the Turkish economy billions of dollars without affecting the Iraqi economy but on the contrary, it will reduce the volume of imports and the drain of foreign currency ."

He continued, "This method is the most powerful leverage over Turkey that Iraq is considered a promising market for investment and trade."