The opening of national card project in Maysan governorate

2016/10/5 17:29

{Baghdad: Euphrates News}

Interior Ministry on Wednesday opened the draft unified national card in Maysan governorate.

The Interior Ministry statement said the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news} "unified national card project was inaugurated in the province where the opening ceremony in the presence of conservative police chief Brigadier Nisar tekya Al Saadi, Governor of Maysan to Dawie and Chairman of Maysan governorate portentous Griller and general sexual General Manager waeli and Mehdi, a large group of local government officials and a large collection of religious parties and movements ' representatives and managers of official circles and elders and conservative leaders and a large number of citizens."

The statement quoted Sheriff Meyssan as saying that "the opening of a unified national card and which are basic steps that contribute effectively to serve citizens and to facilitate the process of review and save all the data for Iraqi citizens is a new version that does not weigh down the priest citizen and a good step to keep pace with the evolution in developed countries."

The national ID card that would provide the required data for future planning process in the country besides being secure important information to all citizens under the protection of a sober non porous or manipulated.

"It will contribute to the detection of cases of fraud in the papers and everything that would harm both the country and the citizens, stressing its readiness to provide all the help and work for the success of this good step in advance thanks to everyone who contributed to this project and did his best to launch direct released.