Abadi agrees to see a body integrity in combating corruption

2016-10-05 at 17:08

Baghdad the balance of news

Fair body, announced Wednesday by Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi agreed vision of 14 given by Chief Hassan Al-yasseri integrity against corruption.

The Commission said in a statement the Sumerian received news copy, that "Prime Minister Haider Abadi with the paragraphs and contents see Chief Hassan Al-yasseri integrity against corruption," adding that "the Prime Minister's Office informed the Commission that the consent of Dr Abadi on most paragraphs vision of Dr Al-yasiri in combating corruption, except two Office noted the need for deliberation and debate."

She noted that "the 14 paragraphs approved by the Prime Minister was the establishment of a juvenile justice specialist with integrity in all Iraq provinces, to be linked administratively independent body with survival only technically to ensure he stays close to the body and to prevent the pressure might exercise some judges", explaining that "this requires legislative intervention."

The statement that "this requirement not agree say, because it was applied in some neighboring countries, with the importance of the independence of the judiciary in issuing decisions in accordance with the law."

Wobint body, "yasiri demanded to see the need to renounce quotas give partisan criteria ministries and Government jobs, and detest the look that the monument is compensation or reward," pointing to the importance of the adoption of new criteria for choosing leaders in advanced levels and central Iraq. "

He cautioned Al-yasiri, the vision, "the need to take the righteous who meet standards of efficiency and integrity, experience and specialization", stressing "the need to prevent Ministers and officials all set their relatives in their institutions.

He called Al-yasiri, to "create a central task of granting and managing government contracts at the State level, particularly important contracts, with the importance of choosing the central organ members experience standards and integrity and independence, away from partisan affiliations."

Commission, said that "vision focused on the need to eliminate economic commissions for some parties with the importance of allowing the independent High Electoral Commission through a legislative intervention pledge from all parties before the elections by not adopting any economic Committee working in the ministries and institutions of the State, to be followed up by the relevant authorities," and called for "the establishment of a special court to try Ministers and special grades to be selected on criteria of experience and integrity and courage."

"Vision and admonished the Government and the House should adopt a legislative text all required State officials to disclose financial disclosure statement", stressing the "need to establish strict penalties against offending this obligation or duty."

She also highlighted the need of some texts of the Penal Code, in particular concerning corruption offences, to emphasis; consistent with adopted by some countries that have passed or are in a similar situation to Iraq, where circumstance to tighten sanctions in times where there are crimes in order to combat and eradicate corruption; his firebrand, and not reward the perpetrators ' amnesty sorrows "Noting the importance of activating the federal public service Council to reduce partisan appointments and randomness, and activate the application of e-Government and e-national ID card window.

The Government demanded and the House need to impose strict control over all and Chief Minister or not linked to the Ministry, to prevent harness ministries to partisan interests, stressing the importance of not letting the Ministers and deputies, Governors and local councillors to complete preliminary studies or install them during the period of high public office, preventing abuse of Office, full time for public service only.

In order to maintain the dignity of the employee and fill up some sections of extortion and corruption, called Al-yasiri in vision "the importance of allowing the ministries and institutions to complete the staff treatment by her after coordination with public retirement Commission, then transfer this post to the latter treatment that uninterrupted employee salary even receives his pension.

The Prime Minister's Office book noted that "initialize and create your own shartoi with integrity" would be treated according to the law, they noted that the two "linking public inspectors system with integrity and operational advances awarded to companies and contractors from before completion of work" they need deliberation and debate