Government companies willing to reconstruct the liberated areas


General company for design and implementation of a project of the Ministry of industry and minerals full readiness to contribute to the reconstruction of the affected areas in Anbar and Salahuddin.

The Director of the center of information and public relations at the Ministry of industry and minerals Abdul Wahid al-shammari said in a statement the news "economy" a copy of it today, that the company is fully prepared to participate in the reconstruction of affected areas of vital installations and infrastructure, roads and bridges and the reconstruction of buildings, power stations and water treatment plants also come through effort and experience possessed by the company in this area where the company has rebuilt bridges in Basra distinguishes bridge and bridge the hole ".

And General Manager of EA Kazim company through engineering and technical cadres with high competence and experience accumulated is fully prepared to contribute to the reconstruction of the affected areas, "he said, adding that the company" several projects across the country from northern Iraq until South of Baghdad electricity projects, Babel, Anbar, Najaf's modern villages project and create industrial estates in the Qar and Basra and many major projects that the company has implemented for State services in the provinces of Iraq. "