Kurdistan contract with an international company to monitor the production and export of oil

2016/10/5 12:02

[Where - Baghdad]

Is scheduled to sign the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Wednesday, he signed a contract with the company "Deloitte" global, with the aim of transparency in the production and sale of oil.

According to Kurdish sources said the signing of the contract will be attended by President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, and his deputy, inhibited ".

It reported that "the Kurdistan Regional Government will sign the contract in the context of the reform steps with regard to the transparency of production and sale of oil and gas."

She added that "in order to resolve the discussions between the government and other parties about the statistics and oil production and export figures, as well as for an end to the complaints within the parliament, the signing of the contract from a company [Deloitte] is very important, and the work of this company is to consult with various parties, and then do a field monitoring, and display the results on public opinion. "

The partner, "Deloitte" one of the largest companies in the world, and has branches in many countries, and oversees the production and export of oil in the major countries.

With the advent of the company "Deloitte", the Ministry of Natural Resources will not issue any report without the signing of this company.