Iranian newspaper headlines on Wednesday.

Iran 's most prominent headlines of the day Wednesday, 10/05/2016.

Commander of the Islamic Revolution: the Internal Security Forces to ensure security pillar
Washington suspended the truce negotiations in Syria .. and Moscow accuses of failing to fulfill its obligations
Rohani stresses the need to make informed decisions to boost oil prices
Iran calls on UN to speed up the fight against colonialism

Kayhan Arab
Commander of the Islamic Revolution: the Internal Security Forces to ensure security pillar
Saudi aggression continues its raids and brutal opposes the formation of an international commission to investigate the crimes in Yemen
Bahrain .. clashes after authorities infringement Al - Khalifa on the manifestations of Ashura and security calls
President Rouhani must make decisions to raise the price of oil on world markets

America and the future of relations with Iran
Berlin conducting consultations with Washington over Tehran
Iran wants cooperation with NASA

Assad: US fear of the people following the example of the Iranian revolution
Saudi Crown: Anard Bashar al - Assad to stay in power
Kerry: We seek with Moscow to restore the cease-fire

Leader of the Revolution: the lack of security eliminates all useful activities
Iranian government spokesman: no transfer of German Economy Minister 's remarks correctly
Riyadh opposes the formation of a fact - finding committee to study the Saudi war crimes in Yemen

The goal of a spiritual tour in Southeast Asia , the diversification of foreign relations
Russia cut the US diplomatic cooperation on Syria
Greek police attack on protesters pensioners

Jomhuri - ye Eslami
Leader of the Revolution: we must raise the level of readiness of the internal security forces and the will and determination of powers
The signing of the first new oil contracts to expand the four fields
John Kerry 's claim that the United States abide by its commitments on nuclear deal

Decline in US - Russian relations to contact emergency
Leader of the Revolution: Security is the cornerstone of the development and internal security forces Corner basic security
Ansar Allah: We will target ships Saudi aggression

Metzam Front terrorist victory thanks to the support of the Zionist entity

Al - Saud , are shying away from the departure of Assad 's condition
Sheikh Naim Qassem: Iran 's government stems from the culture of Ashura
Homeland Emrouz
Brigadier Bakpor: 12 terrorists killed in clashes with the Revolutionary Guards
Deputy acquitted a Kuwaiti accused of insulting Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Quick forward "Justa" the bitterness of each option than the other