Parliamentary defense: security forces on standby and waiting for the zero hour for the process of liberalization of Mosul
October 4, 2016
Treasures Media - announced and defense committee parliamentary security, on Tuesday, for the completion of all the military preparations of Asthoudarat and collect information for the process of liberalization of Mosul, indicating that all the security forces and the crowd People awaiting announcement zero hour* by the general commander of the armed forces and joint operations.

Committee member MP Majid Ghraoui in an interview with local media, and I followed the agency [Treasures Media, said there were close for the Liberation of Hawija and Riyadh area military operations and other areas before releasing the connector to be completely blockaded and cut off any supply line them with neighboring areas, noting that edit these neighboring areas will accelerate Ptharirmhafezh Nineveh in record time and with the least number of losses .

He Ghraoui liberating Mosul operations need to surprise operations and atmosphere suitable for a broad support by the masses of the province and to cooperate with the security forces by providing them with information on the headquarters of Daesh of terrorism and the possibility of ammunition and gear their own in order to be identified and dealt with during the process of the attack.

In the same context Ghraoui condemned Erdogan's recent remarks on intervention in Mosul and considered exceeded on Iraqi sovereignty , and has ambitions in collaboration with some corrupt Iraqi political figures in the deduction of some Iraqi territory and seized N. urged the UN to halt Turkey's ambitions on Iraqi soil .

And it announced the leadership of Nineveh operations Sunday , the arrival of a huge military reinforcements near the city of Mosul , in preparation for the start of a planned military operation to liberate the city from Daesh terrorist , saying the use of sophisticated weapons will enter service for the first time , as a security expert for the completion of preparations for liberalization city of Mosul from the control of the organization Daesh without detection intervention or participation of any foreign power ground in the battle , but at the request of the Baghdad government.