"Meeting of Arbil," Maliki cut the time needed to implement the demands of parliamentary blocs
30/04/2012 12:40

BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"
Participants in the meeting of Irbil last month, the beginning of the ninth the next deadline for the State of Law Coalition led by Nuri al-Maliki's demands for the application of the parties participating in the government.
A source close to the meeting that "the future of the political process associated with the extent of readiness of the party that addresses the leadership of the government to initiate serious steps and process to resolve contentious issues and speed up the passage of important legislation such as oil and gas law, and the formation of parties, and amend the electoral system, and implementation of all the terms of agreement Arbil," he said that the participants: "" agreed to refuse to renew the mandate of the owners with a third ready to give up this idea in light of the fact to prove the adoption of the principle of partnership in the management of the current government at the present time. "

The source pointed out that the next four months, and with the continuation of Maliki's current policy "of removing and the dimensions of partners and allies to participate in government decision-making and at all levels, will see new alliances take it upon themselves to shape the next phase and will enhance the consolidation of democracy in the country and the peaceful transfer of power, and the abolition of sectarian alignments through the adoption of the national project that serves the interests of all the Iraqi people. "
With over Congress, a coalition of law expressed their satisfaction with the outcome of the meeting of Irbil because, according to the Jhhnzerhm did not address the issue of withdrawal of confidence from the leader of their fractious Prime Minister, MP for the "Liberal bloc," Jawad al-Jubouri that the option of withdrawal of confidence associated with the extent of improving the performance of the Executive:

"Share the Liberal bloc in the current government came under the terms of, most importantly meet the demands of citizens and upgrading services, and when we feel that the current government is unable to fulfill their obligations, it will be no confidence and one of our options in the event of continuing disagreement between the parliamentary blocs," stressing that the participation of the current leader movement in the last meeting will pave the way to overcome the political crisis.

Referred to as the leader of Sadr returned to Iran, coming from the province, Christan, amid expectations of his participation in another meeting will be held in Baghdad within the next few days, under the auspices of President Jalal Talabani to discuss the arrangements and preparations for the convening of the National Congress.