MPs are calling for the expulsion of the Turkish ambassador in response to the extension of the survival of his country's troops in Iraq
Tuesday October 4 2016
- 13:32
MPs called for the expulsion of the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad in response to the decision of the Turkish parliament to extend the survival of Turkish troops in Iraq.

This was followed by MP Ahmed al-Jubouri, a statement in the presence of a number of MPs called for a "rejection of the decision of the Turkish parliament, which legitimizes the presence of occupying forces in Iraq."

The statement: "The government and the House of Representatives also called for the withdrawal of the Iraqi ambassador in Turkey and expel their ambassador from Iraq and cut off economic relations and the District of Turkish goods."

The Turkish parliament passed last Saturday, a large majority of the Turkish army to continue his duties in Iraq and Syria for an additional year.

Turkish troops are located at Camp Ba'shiqah northern city of Mosul, despite the Iraqi government's call Ankara has repeatedly drag.

The Iraqi government condemned the Turkish announcement extension and promised to "blatant interference" in the internal affairs of a renewed call for Ankara to withdraw Turkish troops.