Documentation controls the receipt of an advance of 10 million

The number of visits: 10 Published on: 4/10/2016, 11:24 Published by: Mustafa al - Rubaie

Baghdad \ Karbala News:

Deployment of Rafidain Bank, Tuesday, documents reveal controls under which the granting of an advance of 10 million dinars to employees of state departments are, starting this week.

According to documents issued by the Rafidain Bank Banking Operations Division, said that "based on the Bank's Board of Directors' Decision No. 4 adopted at the Fifth Session held on 22.08.2016 decided to activate the process of granting advances the personal staff of the state of the circuit is lagging repayment which had previously been Tqsimhaaly branches the bank. "

And it suggests that "the controls that must be met in advance of the student staff is: he will have to serve less than a year, and that the amount of the advance is 10 million dinars and a payment equal installments per month for five years."

She adds, "The interest of the advance to be 7% annual rate and the amount of the monthly installment 166 667 dinars, and the amount of interest 29 652 dinars, and must submit borrower guarantor to ensure a civil servant of the state departments, while the insurance it would be state-owned companies through the conclusion of a contract by the administration General in the Ministry of Finance. "