Economist: banking law ensures that the money deposited in state banks , even if stolen

economic Number of Views: 12 04/10/2016 16:48

Said economist Majid picture, that the Iraqi law guarantees citizens who deposit their money in the safety of government banks the money, even if they are stolen.

He said that the picture of "Iraq has enormous economic potential and talking about the depletion in the economic life for him to correct his theories," noting that "one of the best economic potential, which we are tourist traffic and the entry of foreign currency into the country and continuously increasing and this requires the Government to invest this side is actual".

"The negative publicity of the Iraqi economy has made people shy away from money stored in government banks and treasure in the house and that's what made it vulnerable to theft by criminal gangs, as we hear every day the theft of approximately 300,000 dollars of homes and Banking in Baghdad and the provinces."

He noted that "the government and economic organizations adopt an awareness campaign for citizens to invite them to bid farewell to their savings in government banks and launch awareness campaigns led by experts of the Iraqi economy."