Parliament votes to reject the Turkish intervention and finish reading the granting of employee long vacation Act [Expanded]

2016/10/4 16:48


House of Representatives voted in its regular twenty-chaired by President of the Council, Salim al in the presence of 189 deputies on Tuesday, 04/10/2016 at the decision to reject the Turkish intervention in Iraqi territory, and the statements of Turkish President divisive, finished as the first reading of a bill to grant the employee Act unusual vacation long.

A statement by the Media Department of the House of Representatives received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of which was "in the beginning of the meeting, al-Jubouri, congratulated the Iraqi people and the Muslim world on the occasion of the anniversary of the Prophet's noble of our Prophet Muhammed's [Y], which was a great event changed the face of history and strengthened the fundamentals of ethics and body system justice and truth which pursued after him of his purified family and his companions nujaba. "

He recalled the grand saga of the martyrdom of al-Husayn [p] and the great revolution that has demonstrated the triumph of virtue over injustice and blood on the sword, stressing the importance of inspired lessons in order to protect our people and our victory over the forces of terror and blasphemy and the sustainability of the victories achieved by the forces of various configurations which brainstormed terrorism until the liberation of the city of Mosul and the rest the cities of Nineveh province, of Daesh terrorist stressing the need to work to re-displaced people to their areas for the start of the reconstruction phase. "

Council proceeded to vote on the project and imports municipalities and submitted by the committees services, construction, financial and legal law, which comes after a long time on legislation that imports of the Municipal Law No. 130 of 1963 and the fact that many of its provisions no longer meet the need required by the legislation and with the emergence of profession, vocation and new business to be coverage by its provisions and the fact that amounts of fees contained in the law no longer keep pace with the value of cash and economic conditions at the present time and the large number of amendments that have occurred in it. "

The Council voted on a draft exemption of foreign companies and subcontractors Aliens Act contractors in licensing rounds decades of fees submitted by the committees on oil and energy and natural resources, economy, investment and finance for the purpose of encouraging foreign companies operating in the licensing rounds and subcontractors and contractors contracts with foreigners and Iraqis in the area of ​​the oil wealth to develop without traffic mechanisms that impede fast delivery and that these fees represent Colva refundable borne by the public purse.

On the other hand, followed by MP Ahmed al-Jubouri, a statement about the Turkish parliament's decision to extend the presence of Turkish troops in Nineveh he hailed the fact that Iraqis of all backgrounds repelled the terrorist onslaught across the sacrifices that had been cleared areas dominated by the organization Daesh condemning legitimize the presence of occupying Turkish forces in Nineveh and entry without government approval Iraq, which has refused Turkish intervention.

The statement that "the presence of Turkish troops in the province of Nineveh, and extend survival by the Turkish parliament aims to obstruct liberalization of Nineveh province and the imposition of trusteeship and control after Daesh, stressing rejection front Aslakh to enter Turkey and considering the presence of Turkish troops form of occupation, demanding the withdrawal of the Iraqi ambassador from Ankara and expel the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad as well as cutting economic ties and export of oil through Turkish territory, urging the United States to shoulder its responsibilities according to the agreement of strategic addition to hold the government of its responsibilities to save the territorial integrity of Iraq and to address the security Council, as Turkish troops hostile forces in the absence of withdrawal.

In the interventions of Representatives MP Mohammed Naji to the importance that the government and the House of Representatives responded to the positions of the Turkish President about the battle in Nineveh.

The MP Abbas al-Bayati said the presence of any foreign troops be approved by the government that Iraq is a sovereign country and any decision or position must be consistent with this principle and expressed his surprise at the decision of the Turkish Parliament.

The MP on the Keywords that rejected the decision of the Turkish Parliament is a public issue of national denying the existence of any request or documents allow entry of Turkish troops into Iraq

MP Abdul Rahim al-Shammari Parliament to issue a decision to reject the decision of the Turkish parliament and calls Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the Nineveh province between Turkey and interventions to maintain components.

The MP Hanan al noted that Turkish President appointed himself guardian of Mosul, citing lack of legitimacy of the Turkish president or other interference in the internal affairs of Iraq.

And the MP Qasim al-Araji said the positions of Erdogan represents interference of internal affairs of and reflect the political confusion of dealing with political files.

In turn drew MP Mohsen al-Sadoun that "Turkey is living a state of emergency does not allow the Turkish Parliament to issue such decisions are urged not to accept any international presence without the approval of the government and not to allow any presence of other organizations illegally."

And MP Ammar Tohme "Turkey is trying to sow discord among Iraqi factions, which calls for parking all Iraqis to confront the Turkish intervention in accordance with the government tracks and address the UN Security Council."

He said MP Khalid al-Asadi that the House of Representatives demands accountability from government bodies responsible for the file on their actions regarding the Turkish deter violations.

MP Haneen Qaddo government to address the United Nations for the purpose of demanding Turkey to withdraw from the province of Nineveh.

He called MP Abdul Rahman Alloizi Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations and the Foreign Ministry to refute the Turkish claims about the existence of the Convention allow them to intervene in Iraq.

Hoshyar MP Abdullah pointed out that the Turkish intervention was not only supported by internal parties, calling on the House of Representatives of the Iraqi central government to move quickly to stop the Turkish intervention in Iraq's national sovereignty.

I am surprised at the Attorney Ribawar Taha from the silence of the Iraqi government in international forums and the failure to take explicit steps against the Turkish intervention in Iraq.

For its part, he indicated MP Serwa Abdul Wahid to the presence of ten Turkish military bases in the Kurdistan region, demanding accountability of characters that cooperate with the Turkish side, the first of relations with him.

And he urged the MP, but Talabani both the House and the ministers to provide an international protest against the Turkish decision.

He noted Attorney Joseph Salioh Turkey's intention to sabotage Iraq's long history, especially with the involvement since the smuggling of antiquities and its support for terrorist Daesh.

MP Awad al-Awadi hold accountable every politician or person holding an executive position deals with Turkish troops being occupied as well as a review of security agreements with other countries.

The Council voted on a resolution to reject the Turkish parliament's decision to extend the stay of the Turkish forces into Iraqi territory, with confirmation of the House of Representatives by refusing incursion of Turkish forces and the Iraqi land and rejected the presence of any other troops in Iraqi territory and the Iraqi government to call the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad and handed over a protest note to reject the presence of Turkish troops and all attacks on Iraqi soil, and on the government to take all legal and diplomatic measures required to save the sovereignty of Iraq and to reconsider the trade and economic relations with Turkey.

The decision to take the government quick steps to demand that the United Nations and the Security Council and the Arab League to take measures to bring the Turkish forces and the Iraqi government, Turkish troops seen inside Iraqi territory is occupied and hostile forces and take mutatis to deal with them and taking them out of the Iraqi territory if it does not respond to the Iraqi demands and demand from the competent judicial authorities by moving suits judicial accountability for claimants to enter the Iraqi forces and launch support statements and justifying their existence as well as the House of Representatives rejects and condemns Turkish President Erdogan's remarks and finds that it raises the divide between the components of the Iraqi people.

And on the question of oral directed the MP Hanan al to the general manager of Midland Oil Company drew President al-Jubouri that "the question Parliament has pointed to the Constitution to include the prime minister, ministers or heads of independent bodies or capacity, noting that the inclusion of state employees and private general managers asking oral still under consideration, pointing out that the House of Representatives can request the presence of any employee level less than the rank of Minister to give information and discuss any of the issues before the Council and replaced by questions of parliamentary debate, as it can not be questioned or held accountable holds a director-general to the council. "

For his part, between Aram Sheikh Mohammed, Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies that "material relating to the competence of the Council and in Chapter V of the Rules of Procedure on business regulators did not specify the grades or position and gave the right material for the Council to interrogate or question any official in the executive branch is not inconsistent with law."
President al-Jubouri and face to "transform oral question directed from the MP Hanan al to Mr. general manager of Midland Oil Company to a general issue for discussion at a later meeting."

On the other hand, the Council first reading completed a project to grant the employee a long vacation routine and treat conditions of contractors and provided financial and legal Committees Law, which aims to give the competent minister or the head of the body is related to the Ministry or the Governor or authorized by any of them authority to grant the employee a long paid leave nominal or no salary and to address the situation of pensioners.

And then it decides to adjourn the meeting to next Thursday. "