Abadi Office: share territory linked to export oil through SOMO

2016/10/04 15:31

Features & status/ NNC -official spokesman for Prime Minister Saad Al-Hadithi today, sending share the territory of the general budget is linked to Kurdish oil for export Kirkuk province through somwalarakih.

Hadithi told reporters that Kingfish to resolve differences between the Centre and the territory during a visit to Baghdad, "Barzani was also discussing the Edit process connector" and how to deploy military units during the operation.

He pointed out that "the two sides also discussed oil and file payroll issue in the region," adding that "staff salaries in the region linked to agree on oil, and that the Government file keen interest of citizens and employees.

Newly added to the Center and territory agreed to solve all their problems and the continued holding of meetings and consultations, and revealed the upcoming visit of the delegation from the province to Baghdad, without specifying a date. And he talked about the possibility of a visit to a specialist delegation from Baghdad too.

He explained, that share the territory will remain as they were during the previous years, 17% of the overall budget for Iraq, however, "to share the territory linked to Kurdish oil exports from Kirkuk province through Sumo.

Barzani visited Baghdad along with a senior delegation of the Tal, last Thursday, Baghdad and met with Prime Minister Haider Abadi and President Fouad Massoum and sadrist political body in addition to National Alliance President Ammar al-Hakim, Barzani expressed during the visit his willingness to cooperate with Baghdad to counter the financial crisis and resolve disputes over oil and gas law and coordination expected during military operations to retake the city of Mosul.