Trade: more than a dozen Arab and foreign countries will participate in the Baghdad Gallery 43

04/10/2016 13:46

The Commerce Department said Tuesday, on the participation of more than a dozen Arab and foreign countries in 43 session Baghdad Gallery, indicating that the show will also include cultural and artistic events.

Said General Manager General company for fairs and commercial services in Iraqi Trade Ministry Hashim Mohammed Hatem in economy news received a statement that the company had completed its willingness and readiness to establish 43 session of the Baghdad international fair which will start activities in the first of the month of November with the participation of more than ten countries and hundreds of local companies and foreign and Arabic.

Hatem said that "countries participating in the fair are Egypt, Palestine, Iran, Japan and Turkey, Germany and the Netherlands and India, Ukraine and Tunisia and hundreds of local companies and international and Arabic", stating that "all preparations for the event have been completed and there is a high level of coordination between the Ministry of Commerce, ministries and agencies supporting the emergence exhibition better through infrastructure development and maintenance of all the galleries, as well as a large campaign to increase green spaces to receive citizens and appearing in the Baghdad greater reception place confirms forums.

Hatem drew that "local and international participation will show highlights of world companies in terms of scientific, industrial, agricultural, commercial and communication techniques, as well as presentations of new products and there's an open market shopping at them what citizen of products displayed in the exhibition halls.

And Hatem "exhibition will include cultural and artistic events, as well as seminars and economic meetings between the local private sector and international private sector companies to exchange information and establish a real partnership and participation in the process of reconstruction and investment in Iraq in the context of overall economic development for the development of trade and economic and social life."

The Iraqi opposition company founded in 1959, and was then called the Iraqi opposition's interest Directorate, where she joined the company in 1971 to membership of the Union of international fairs, which is headquartered in Paris, the first Iraqi Gallery 1964 in Baghdad with the participation of four Arab States, even sessions continued entry of us troops into the country in 2003, then stopped for the unstable security situation in Baghdad for a period to resume their activity.