State company for petrochemical industries announces investment opportunities for several projects as decades share

04/10/2016 13:38

General company for petrochemical industries of the Ministry of industry and minerals investment opportunities for several projects as decades share to open new channels and the introduction of modern technology.

He said the Director of the Center for media and Public Affairs Ministry Abdul Wahid al-shammari to these investment projects are producing chlorine and soda in a paper factory, which will contribute significantly to update production technology and conversion to membrane cells, adding that this product and other products to be manufactured are of great importance in the initialization and processing purposes and minimize the effects of environmental contamination and sterilization in drinking water plants.

And Kaur that these products which have a significant role in the industrial water treatment and disinfection of drinking water and that will be manufactured at the chlorine plant's hydraulic acid concentration of 32% and production capacity of 50 tons per day and 25 tonnes of liquid chlorine sodium wehayboklorat 10% concentration 40 tons per day.

It is worth mentioning that the new plant to be built will be the design capacity contracts formula of product caustic soda 50 tons per day 100%, bringing the production of the old factory was production capacity of 20 tons of caustic soda and daily life span ended being worked since the 1970s and mercury cell technology and is an old and polluting the environment.