Ali Abdullah Saleh wanted Asagatna B2011, such as the Baath in Iraq

Twilight News Former Yemeni President, Ali Abdullah Saleh /, said that the historic enemy of Saudi Arabia for Yemen and its people, as he put it, in a meeting of the ruling General People's Congress, which is headed.
Saleh continued, according to published on his location social networking, Facebook: "that our people must Astqs himself who presumed him and killed his sons men, women and children and the elderly, and that the legal lawyers, activists, and politicians team to expedite the completion of processing of files, documents and information about the victims of the genocide The destruction and devastation caused by the aggression against the Al Saud regime and allied with him .. to be presented to international courts and all organizations interested in human rights to sue him. " Saleh added: "Al Saud regime, which refused its aggression against the barbaric except to confirm that he actually historical enemy of our people .. spent remains on all the elements of life in our country .. and works under the scheme persistently prior and deliberate and implement the commandment known to tear Yemen and its fragmentation into parts small entities rival, aimed at depriving the Yemeni people to live in security, stability and public tranquility and freedom and dignity and safety of lives and live the rest of peoples. " Former Yemeni President pointed out that "in front of an important general committee and each conference configurations regulatory responsibilities at various levels had to be dealt with interaction and positive which would strengthen the stability of the conference and its steadfastness in front of all the storms and conspiracies being hatched against him and aimed at weakening it, and work to make it fail as Ovhalha in the past, especially since the in 2011, which was the enemies of the nation and Congress are planning to eliminate it and filter similar to what happened to the Baath Arab in brotherly Iraq, but Almatmrien and tenacity and constancy Taaddhm defeat and foiled those plans, and infused the conference more than ever stronger. "