Jumaili discuss with the US Ambassador to Washington's support for Iraq's security and economic

Twilight News / Search Iraqi Planning Minister Salman Jumaili with the US ambassador to Iraq on Tuesday, the reconstruction of liberated areas and to support Iraq's security and economic file.
This came during a meeting with the minister in his office the new US ambassador in Iraq, Douglas Suleiman on the occasion of the start of his duties in Baghdad, and discussed with him a number of important files and issues of common concern between the two countries, according to a ministry statement reported for Twilight News. He stressed Jumaili during the meeting on "the importance of increasing US support for Iraq in the security and economic files," explaining that "Iraq after the liberation of much of the land that was occupied by the organization Daesh terrorist is in dire need of more international support in order to restore stability and reconstruction of those areas which have been a lot of damage because of the occupation and military operations. " He pointed out that "the Iraqi government is making utmost efforts to restore the displaced after the provision of the basic necessities of life such as water, electricity and materials ration card services." Jumaili also spoke about the plans and directions of the government for the reconstruction of liberated areas, noting that "the plan is composed of two main axes, the first being the axis Lalani, which is providing basic supplies and services in preparation for the return of displaced persons and that the government is working on now has achieved a good success despite the challenges in the particularly the lack of financial allocations. " He continued by saying, "The axis is reconstruction which requires more money and provide the money through grants and international aid to Iraq because the process of reconstruction of no less importance for the editing process." He pointed out that "there is a priority for the stages of reconstruction comes in the forefront of the construction of schools, bridges, water and electricity networks, roads and seek to provide employment opportunities for the youth sector." He called Jumaili the United States and the international community to "support Iraq in its reconstruction process after it fought a fierce war against terrorism, which for Aahdd only Iraq but also represents a significant threat to both the international community so the joint liability require more support and assistance to the Iraqi people in this context." The statement said that the meeting also saw the draft general budget of the state and the general economic situation in Iraq in light of the economic crisis touched. The two also touched on the current size for the Liberation of Mosul and the role of the international coalition led by the United States to provide support for Iraqi forces to end the occupation of the province Daesh preparations.