Bahrain rejects the request for the release of opposition leader

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Bahraini judicial source reported that the Court of Cassation rejected a request for the release of opposition Ali Salman, Secretary General of the Association Accord, which is serving nine years in prison for incitement and call for regime change. The source pointed out, that the Court rejected the request for release submitted by agents Salman, who demanded the right to suspend execution of the sentence, pointing out that the court identified in session October 17 to consider the issue. Sentenced Salman in July 2015 sentenced to four years in prison for the "public incitement to a range of people as would the public peace disturbance and inciting publicly on non-compliance with the law and improve things constitute crimes," and "insulting a statutory body," is the Ministry of Interior. On 30 May, the Court of Appeals stressed sentenced to 9 years, and condemned Salman as well as to "promote a regime change by force", a charge which was the elimination of which would be absolved in the first trial. And issued the judiciary in the July 17, the decision to disband Wefaq to condemnation deviation "in the exercise of political activity to the extent of inciting violence and encouraging rallies and mass protests, including may lead to the creation of sectarian strife in the country, as well as criticism of the performance of state authorities, both the executive, judicial or legislative ". The appeals court upheld the dissolution of Assembly on 22 September last, and raised provisions against the Accord and Salman, wide criticism from the international parties like the United Nations and Washington, as well as international non-governmental organizations active in the defense of human rights. These provisions came in the context of an escalating action by the authorities against dissidents, including prison sentences and deprivation of citizenship. He was tried hundreds since 2011 on charges of participating in Owalaatdae protests against the security forces, and sentenced to prison, and dropped the citizenship of 261 people, the most prominent religious authority, Sheikh Issa Qassem, according to the Bahrain Center for Human Rights