Abadi Office: the issue of the Kurdistan Region's share of the budget will be resolved in the coming days

Saad al - Hadithi , a spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister said, that the issue of the Kurdistan Region 's share in the budget for fiscal 2017 will be resolved in the coming days.
A newborn in a statement to Al Sharq Al Awsat newspaper on Tuesday, it was agreed during the visit of President of the Kurdistan region to Baghdad to solve the problems and dilemmas outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil in the two tracks, the first terms of the battle of Mosul, where a final agreement on the mechanisms and roles, and the second track things other , including oil, and solving the shapes that exists between the two governments.
He added that there is a general framework that will happen in the coming days in the presence of experts from both sides, including the transport and delivery, and the region 's share of the budget.