Lebanese press on Tuesday

It addressed the Lebanese newspapers on Tuesday morning 10/4/2016 in Beirut several topics, most notably the sharp frequencies for "Basketball war" between the hammer and the anvil Bkirki appointed fig tree, which entered into force on the line of political action over the presidency file.


Berri's «ambassador»: Everyone objected or reservation to «General»

What is the secret of silk trip to Moscow?

Ambasserottan newspaper wrote this address Ambassador says , "does not have the luxury of General Michel Aoun , the long wait. His letter to Prime Minister Saad al - Hariri was clear after the recent Rabieh Station: Time is not open , Mr. Prime Minister.

The time when Speaker Nabih Berri, hath different accounts, it was predicted that the smog of the political picture «within days», revealing for «ambassador» that all who met Hariri during recent consultations opposed or had reservations on the election of the «General» .. «I know what I say and confident of it all is the word. »

What about the head of «Future Movement» and his appointments?

If Hariri, about three years ago, has a great ability and willingness of a few did not complete the project with the promised presidential trip «General», how much less the case with the ability and desire much larger in the present day?

From his station Arabia, and interspersed consultations is difficult to predict the results, landed plane Saad Hariri, last night, in the Russian capital, only tofind there are a superpower does not die to its agenda and priorities unrelated to «agenda» and priorities of the visitor 's coming from the Gulf capital involved «to the bone» in international regional war targeting the Russian role in the region.

If the Saudi Saad al - Hariri, in accordance with the rolling, do not want to hear the boss in Lebanon and the leader of the political majority calculated it, does Russia will find eager to liquidate the presidential requests?

Certainly , it is the scarcity of «projects» and «commitments» Lebanese and promises Russians tested their effects earlier, the day he went to them , «Prime» asks military gift (planes, tanks, weapons and ammunition) time, was that shocked the response «Red Army», therefore, kept looking for «discharged» to withdraw and apologize, the fear of the implementation of the US threat to freeze US military aid to the Lebanese army shipments, if Lebanon before any Russian military help.

Advertised in this visit that the leader of «Future Movement» will meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, but undeclared, it is an attempt to fathom the Russian position that Moscow and persevered in the past two years, and reached the ears of the mound and the other Lebanese, not the enthusiasm of the Kremlin for the arrival of «General» to power first presidency and stick to the theory of «consensus president», to the extent that there are those who chanted the name of Michel Aoun on one occasion in front of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was the answer that came to the opposite of what craves liquid!

After the Russian station, it is assumed that Hariri packing his bags, some other capitals, which is perceived by others, that the decision of the solution and connectivity, not in any of those capitals, but in a single capital , Riyadh, knows what Riyadh in these difficult silk days!

This does not mean reducing other role capitals, including Moscow, is that the rotation of a candidate for the team «March 8» towards another candidate, you need to mandatory external corridor, is Saudi Arabia .. Before landing aircraft , leader of «future» in Beirut and political complexities that make the most of the politicians are acting on the basis that the implicit is undeclared.

Saudi Arabia accounts for the isolation of who chanted day and night they «resigned» from Lebanon, or «abandoned» him. Hard that they do not trust the political management of the team, not even Hariri to take responsibility for a lot of «punches» suffered by the Lebanese, most recently thrown its name in the subject of Suleiman Franjieh nomination, how if repeated Hariri scenario again, was not able to deliver «General» into office ?

To be afraid of in the light of these questions as the data that accompanied the recent presidential mobility, to be al - Hariri initiative is carefully calculated, and thus be up to the moment he was obliged to «brake» Andvaath first, and then either retreat back towards the re - installation of Suleiman Franjieh option or go towards a presidential third option, and then will be unable to provide a new interpretation to the mound or to his allies and his movement and his audience and «his kingdom» .. and even those who would consider themselves .. «winners» in the event of the fall of the option «General»!

In the meantime, quite a bit of «political clashes , Lebanese sporadic», provided it does not take a sectarian dimension abomination mentions some of the Lebanese civil war , ancient climates. Here, it seems to blame some of the centrist Christian leaders great on Bkirki and her master Patriarch Bishara sponsor, so that by releasing fire on understandings called by Speaker Nabih Berri basket, but contributes to , from what he knows or does not know, ship sectarian atmosphere Lebanese, and even more unfortunate that the «mainstream FPM »contributes to fueling this sectarian line - up, as evidenced by the questions posed by the introduction« OTV »overnight what« Hezbollah is going to do about Barry position », in an attempt to load more than one party stamina.

Pending the views of General Aoun through «OTV» screen, tonight, and will be issued by the Council of Maronite Bishops in the monthly statement, tomorrow, Speaker Berri directed the following question to the shepherd: « is not limited to the presidential nominations of persons with all due respect to them, as the biggest violation of the Constitution , which contributed to the prolongation of the vacancy and take us to the current impasse »?

He said that Berri primarily responsible for the stalled election Aoun Aoun so far is the same, considering that the overall behavior in many files and stations led many to distrust the intentions and refrain from supporting.

He asked the Speaker of the House: «Why this campaign on the proposed and which do not involve any very personal or partisan national understandings basket, while the leaks and information indicate side and bilateral discussions take place between the other about the smallest details on the distribution of power in the event of the arrival of the general to the presidency, why some analyzes for himself what deprive others »?

Berri denounced the accusation «basket» that they violated the Constitution and hit the powers of the President, saying: Let 's look closely at the content of the basket was originally inscribed on the dialogue table .. the election law is not the prerogative of the President of the Republic , but it comes a product of a national consensus, and then , I concerted with «Free Movement »about a joint venture, and therefore not a problem at this level .. in what singled out as prime minister because I have not invented gunpowder, and Aoun 's already negotiating with Hariri as would be the next prime minister, as well as Franjieh, and Hariri is acting on the basis of this hypothesis, then why is not said The General and the President of the «future» are contrary to the principle of parliamentary consultations binding while leveled accusations me of violating the constitution because I Otaty realistically .. then there is the matter of the government , which may be subject to a precondition for understanding that would later allow the completion of authorship quickly, and this is different from the configuration that must be left consultations Prime Minister - designate in coordination with the President of the Republic.

Berri announced that he stood by his support for the nomination of Franjieh, to be elected to a basket of national immunization understandings, considering that Franjieh «is an option that can be reassuring to him, at all levels, from Taif and balances to the option of resistance and constants». He continues: «This does not negate the fact that the right to run and that Aoun« Hezbollah » , which I understand his position well and Otalibh to abandon his ally, but I do not accept that in turn leads us to the general decisions are not convinced by» supported.

"Basketball war" raging and Tdhm Hariri move

Newspaper Alnharotnaolt day internal affairs she wrote , "that Prime Minister Saad Hariri 's return from a foreign tour begins today in Russia to re - internal moves regarding the presidential elections, remain sharp for a " war of basketball "between the hammer of Bkirki and the anvil of Ayn al frequencies title of the new development sudden that went strongly this line of action also raging on the overall political climate. It seemed clear that the big question , who has held various political forces in the wake critical position unleashed by Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rahi of the theme "basket understandings" posed by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri "conduit mandatory" for the election of the President of the Republic is the following : any impact of this development on the course Hariri 's move and consequently the positions of the parties from the open door of the presidential options , including the election of General Michel Aoun option?

In fact , the extraordinary strike unprecedented face Patriarch Rai to the principle of the basket and was followed by pursuance of the response of President Barre was not upset by the tone of biting and indications portend a broken jar with reference Maronite Church, quoted the climate of the presidential move to Prime Minister Hariri of the bank to another at least as reflected in the broad to the political interactions sudden evolution. But the striking worker , who scored in this context that the sponsor was able through his polarizing political concerns in particular the Christian forces in a reshaped equation is no longer with them possible exceeded the ceiling raise through which the issue of the basket to the borders of Berri and Hariri development and other powers as well as the presidential candidates before "prohibited" by restricting acceptance of any presidential candidate basket conditions or prior understandings of the election of the president of the Republic. A matter which it described as a church and a Christian political sources for " the day" that reflects the achievement of the shepherd limits distrust all dealers presidential file, especially those who take into account the regional positions.

These circles said that he did not sponsor takes the heart of a situation in which all standards if not cut the hope of political positions are the result of real - time interests are with the national interest in a thing of the past, as well as the leaders who have had the upper hand in maintaining the formula of Christian participation - the Islamic right where the saying "nobody listened." She added that from this point of view , the situation unleashed by the Patriarch Sunday as a warning that enough is enough although he was keen to confirm encouragement for the efforts that seek to elect the President of the Republic , wishing them success in the fastest time in a clear reference to the appreciation of the move to be performed by Prime Minister Hariri. But this position directly targeted , including the subject of basketball and put it directly draw any employer offering Berri. He asked the patriarch: "Is this basketball replace the Constitution and the National Charter?". He stressed that adherence to the Constitution "letter and spirit of the Charter and Sing for this basket." The peak position was in the saying , "How accept any candidate for the first presidency with dignity and awareness of the responsibilities that bared constitutional responsibilities to impose a basket conditions it is unconstitutional and ruled deaf as a tool that if it was up to stall waiting for the revelation and password from the outside." It seems that the patriarch 's position will be taken after the broader canon through tomorrow Maronite Bishops Council meeting , which is moving towards adopting this position. It is something to behold him Patriarchal Vicar Bishop Samir Mazloum , saying for "news agency today , " yesterday: "Expect an important statement of the Maronite Bishops on Wednesday , " calling to "read it carefully and determine the opinion of it."


In any case, unlike the harsh response to President Berri on the position of the patriarch over the sudden decline that has plagued their relationship, knowing that it was cool to prevail this relationship before launching the patriarch position. For the first time Perry spoke of what he called " the declared and hidden" between his position and the position of the Patriarch said on his way directly to the patriarch: "among the people basket that you suggested and a basket of ideas provided by the dialogue leave history to judge the constitutional whichever whichever is more worthy without having to touch the Eramat and dignity are all from God ". It was clear from the atmosphere Ayn al Berri clinging to the need to walk the basket that put out of mind the "road map" for the president. When asked about the possibility of get between him and Aoun to meet Berri said: "Welcome Gen. did not kill my father did not kill his father , and if we met Vrsalta clear to him and to all the Lebanese , which I will not be the fairest and will not more than one line on what I say in the presidential elections, basketball and Sohdd in front of him on the understandings prior and detailed , to walk the road to solutions they want the Lebanese people. "


In the meantime, Prime Minister Hariri begins foreign tour visit by day to Moscow where he will meet Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his deputy Mikhail Bogdanov, is also expected to visit Turkey later. This tour will be included in the framework of external consultations carried out by the al - Hariri in parallel with the internal moves, noting that his visit to Riyadh are not included yet in this round.


The Minister of Social Affairs Rashid Derbas believed that Prime Minister Hariri move "was a result of positive concrete by suspending the streets move and move corridors", but he believed that " the stock market (presidential) is still closed despite this move." He Derbas in an interview to "face to face" program "Tele Liban" that lengthy negotiations took place between the "future" and "Party of God" before the negotiations between the two Prime Minister Hariri and Aoun "did not lead to anything." He believed that the regional situation "does not allow for election of the President of the Republic, but what he did to Prime Minister Hariri move the stagnant water and the heart of the land." And being elected chairman ruled out in the next session of the House of Representatives at the end of October, Hariri stressed that the move led to the development of General Aoun "within the table." Derbas he explained with Patriarch Rai in the initial position, but with Speaker Berri also pragmatic attitude. He concluded that if there was a patriarch of the brief on the atmosphere of the dialogue of what was said , what the table.

The news

Aoun wait only 15 days

«Visit silent» Hariri in Riyadh ... and Basil was appointed to the fig tree?

News newspaper Alabarkme addressed domestic affairs , she wrote , "did not arrive to Beirut after, echoed the president 's visit to Saudi Arabia , Saad al - Hariri. As Gen. Michel Aoun , Hariri awaits final position during the 15 - day deadline that request, there are several attempts to open new lines of communication between the mound and was appointed the fig tree, which Minister Gebran Bassil has visited in the coming days.

New presidential file, visit «silent» President Saad Hariri to Saudi Arabia yesterday stayed the results under wraps, and the visit may be close to the minister Gebran Bassil was appointed to the fig tree. The so - called General Michel Aoun, in a television interview tonight, a series of attitudes and messages that reflect the year 's plan as a candidate for the presidency.

Those who do not want to elect Aoun essentially betting on a renewed veto a Saudi, and the political consensus on the framework of the efforts of the failure of the next government. However , the next ten days it seems capable of clarifying a lot of sticking points, which makes the optimists are talking about high positive points, especially with the mediation carried out by Maj . Gen. Abbas Ibrahim between the mound and was appointed the fig tree.

Hariri , on the one hand, the sum of his talks with Aoun was to give him a chance to end the two - week consultations. Head of the Future sources denied that the general had pledged to his candidacy soon, but he assured him that all options are open, wishing him not to escalate the street. As Aoun said Hariri, and its visitors, said that « an attempt to buy time with a view to disable locomotive in the street will not succeed. A final deadline everyone knows. If not expired with the solution, everyone will be in the face of harsh reality ».

In the eye of the fig tree, the atmosphere does not indicate significant changes. As we are talking about communication between the President of the Council and Hezbollah to open the way for a positive dialogue with Aoun. The party is keen to confirm its commitment to Aoun 's candidacy today, tomorrow and every day, the President of the Council stresses that «basket» the basis of any step.

Sources say that the discretion of the President of the Council that Hariri when he accidentally Franjieh engine presidential stagnant water, it sends a message to Saudi Arabia , which ignore, and that he intended from behind the suggestion that he was ready to walk with the help lure the Saudi leadership to his request for a meeting, which seems to have happened yesterday. Berri and asserts that Saudi Arabia will not change its position, and they will say to Hariri frankly it opposes election Aoun, must look for another solution.

Berri and justify his insistence on the basket that if Hariri agreed to elect Aoun, and did so in the election of the session, it is without «basket» is not a guarantee arrival at the prime minister. And the absence of prior understandings, may allow for a silky get a chance assigned to form a government, but there are no guarantees that the government is formed. He adds: «If they refuse to walk the basket, we'll be in front of a dispute may prevent the adoption of a new law for the parliamentary elections. This means that there will be no parliamentary elections », pointing out that the basket represents the ground suitable for the election of the President is able to work the next day.

It is clear that Perry taking on what seems a mandate of MP Walid Jumblatt , who decided to travel for some time and get away from the lights on the pretext of security threats, leaving the President of the Council take the step command. But Jumblatt leaves the door open «if Hezbollah agrees with Berri and Hariri before, I would not be an obstacle to the arrival of help.»

Prominent sources in the FPM confirmed for «News» that «more than one broker» moves on the mound appointed fig tree line, saying «we do not need to mediation with President Barre. As long as General Aoun is a candidate for the presidency, it is natural to take the initiative towards the President of the Council, and the problem we have in this ». She pointed out that «things happen in a particular sequence. The Basil had told Berri when he met earlier to discuss the oil file, to speak at the presidential file will be timely after the Christians agree and we get a definitive answer from the Prime Minister, which is what happened ». It has not ruled out a recent visit to Basil was appointed to the fig tree.

The sources considered that « the right of any party to put the agreement on national understandings before the election of the President of the Republic to learn how to think this president is in a particular order or position of a particular case. We said from the outset that we accept understandings whether to facilitate the election of a president, but it can not be a condition for his election ». She explained: «We have no problem if we are able to resolve any outstanding issues as a law - election or other. But can not we link things together and mortgaging elect a president issues a dialogue around two years ago without a result. » The sealed sources saying that «if the election of a president requires a two - thirds votes of the House of Representatives, it means that any president of the Republic, now and in the future, it will be burdened with the terms and conditions counter, what will make us each time we enter the vortex itself, as well as that it is not customary nor assets constitutional ».

As for the Bkirki position, he was pointing to raise the ceiling on the part of the Maronite Church to reject the requirement of the basket before the presidency. Some saw the move complicated matters because the more Siend Berri and Hariri Christtmi him, which means blocking agreement on the presidency quickly.

Apart from the analyzes and interpretations that dealt with the position of the Maronite Patriarch Bishara sponsor in the Sunday sermon Berri stated yesterday, I learned «News» that was yesterday evening clarify positions between the sponsor and the ground through a priest intermediaries. According to information, the sponsor issued a position on Sunday at the «misunderstanding of what it meant Speaker term basketball», as the Patriarch thought that meant by «basket», is the initial agreement , which took place between Basil and adviser to Hariri , Nader Hariri in Paris about a month ago, about the distribution of ministerial quotas and agree on other things. Berri said that the mediator is meant by «basket» is almost the agenda of the dialogue table, a «national basket» and not «basket persons» as a transport visitors appointed fig for the Speaker. In turn, high - level Church sources in Bkirki confirmed information «News», noting that «was to clarify the positions of the prophet and President Barre, the patriarch expressed his eagerness not to handcuff the next president of any files before the election, further to what we heard from the distribution of quotas and the spoils between the parties but it became clear that what he meant Berri is the agenda for the dialogue, and the dialogue is interested and everybody », stressing that« the prophet 's position was not aimed at the people ». And an explanation of what is rumored about the intention of the Council of Maronite Bishops escalation of the situation in a statement after its monthly meeting on Wednesday, sources confirmed that «Maronite Bishops will be a comprehensive position does not target any escalation, but confirmation of diligence on the need to elect a president of the republic and the preservation of the country».

It is uncertain what will be the reaction of the FPM The Prime Minister Tammam Salam called to a meeting of the government this week or next week, as well as the response to a call Berri to convene a legislative session with the opening of the ordinary for the House of Representatives of the contract. While invoke peace in the absence of a number of ministers out of the country and the disease minister symbolic Greg not to call for a meeting of the government, Al «News» that Hariri asked of peace not to call for a meeting of the lack of embarrassment Aoun, who is boycotting and Zarah government, especially that Berri told Peace that if called a session of the government this week, ministers from Hezbollah and Marada attend to approve a number of resolutions and the necessary appointments.


intermediaries between Berri and sponsor and shrapnel infect Rabia

al - Hariri in Moscow .. and means of reassurance from Aoun .. and Hezbollah is committed to neutrality towards Ayn al refusal

newspaper Alloabdorha dealt Brigade matter internal She wrote , "after tomorrow , Thursday , will have been at least a month for the last meeting of the cabinet held on 8 September last, it turned into a consultative meeting to contain the escalation Aoun of boycott cabinet sessions, ot the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of defense Maj . Gen. Mohammed Khair, it is still unclear whether President Tammam Salam will invite the Council to bus meeting agenda accumulated B111 items, in the forefront of financial, administrative and functional benefits. knows

and even communications that has not been able to build on the president , Saad Hariri movement will have talks today station in Moscow, which They arrived yesterday evening, including serving a breakthrough on the government front, according to a source ministerial was active during the past 48 - hour communication line.

it describes this source for «brigade» situation that is still difficult and complicated, unlikely to reach a solution is close at the level of the presidency. And kept the source of what was to become of the situation in the case of Prime Minister Hariri movement did not reach a position out of the presidential current impasse, revealing that the meeting which took place last Saturday between the two presidents peace and Hariri at the Grand Serail touched on the efforts made and the contract faced or revealed by the round of consultations that were the last station in Rabieh.

what is the contract that face and that perhaps with force set forth by General Michel Aoun weeks, to enter the country at the stage of additional crisis, the presidential election if they rode «FPM» the head, in case loomed in front of him signs of blockage of the horizon access to Baabda?

considering senior political sources to the views of MP Aoun through OTV station on Thursday evening, after the bloc «reform and change meeting», as a very important station to see the way forward for the current political crisis, and whether it was possible to overcome the decade, or that these nodes will become intractable to treatment, the center of regional and international Tozmat keep Lebanon left to fate.

Ayn al - Bkirki

1. differed estimates observers about whether sparring crisis that broke out and served the political arena between Bkirki and appointed the fig tree, against the backdrop of «cues stun» of Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros al-Rahi , which He refused where a high note, no introductions to the idea of basketball sees Speaker Nabih Berri conduit mandatory first for the presidency.

the most dangerous thing in rejecting the Maronite Patriarch asked: «How accept any candidate for the first presidency, with the dignity and the realization of its responsibilities, that bared constitutional responsibilities, imposing basket conditions it is unconstitutional, and that governs the deaf as a tool? That if they had it to stall waiting for the revelation and password from abroad ».

According to the sources named the fig tree, the Speaker Berri lingered in reply, did not reply less bang from the position of the Patriarch, as addressed him , saying response from the two lines:« that basket basket persons nominated for the presidency Akhvahm perhaps not including MP Aoun, and the basket announced by Speaker Nabih Berri and the ideas presented to the table Alhawwars.

Taking declined to Speaker Berri about going away to avoid touching the dignities that are of God, the judgment of history between names basket and a basket of ideas, saying: «Leave history to be judged constitutional whichever whichever is more useful? ».

With these high - pitched, she asked a Christian political sources before moving mediations to contain the clash , and not turn it into a sectarian barrier, or snowball sectarian:« was Patriarch Barre intended or meant Aoun? ».

Among the most prominent of the income of the mediation line and communications Minister Boutros Harb and former MP unique structure of al - Khazen , a close associate of Bkirki and friend anti-Rabia Suleiman Franjieh candidate known good his relationships since he was a member of parliament with Speaker Nabih Berri, as well as other personalities and spiritual security.

included delegates the task, according to information «Brigade», transfer explanatory messages, and the transfer of a desire not to escalate the situation, listed what happened between Ain al - Tinah Bkirki, that misunderstandings as a result of the transfer of information in the words of the Minister of social Affairs Rashid Derbas , who told «brigade» comments what happened as if Patriarch Rai in the atmosphere of what Search in the table of dialogue of what has issued such a position.

in the same context quoted former Deputy Khazen said that they Patriarch Rai to get to fill the vacancy as soon as possible, and not the president be forthcoming shackled preconditions limit the powers and role of rescuer, a touch of the President Berri , who met him yesterday that the main concern of the basket is to facilitate the task of the President , who will be elected and not shackled, and therefore there is no contradiction between Speaker Berri and Patriarch Rai.

he explained a source close to al - Khazen's «brigade» that the recent visit Bkirki and convey the positive atmosphere that brought him from meeting with Berri, does not believe that there is a fallout of the statements issued and ends at the border.

Rabieh Haret Hreik

2. Features of trust between the mound and Haret Hreik crisis, on the back of Scott «Hezbollah» on what has become clear that the eye fig openly reject the arrival of aid to Baabda .

in this context , Aoun movement party demanding the fulfillment of its obligations, reminding him that his leadership has already announced that if Aoun was a candidate for the presidency and supported by a stream «future», and that the head of this movement will be at the head of the first government of the Covenant, it does not need then any basket, whatever its maker or Operated Lakeaktha.

in contrast «Hezbollah» linger to take any position, but he told the Aoun movement that in the case of Prime Minister Hariri announced his candidacy for General Aoun, the game will take another path, and that the party realizes what he must do.

in terms of what will be the position of the party of President Barre, the Hezbollah , which Gahr least over the past year by adopting Aoun 's candidacy for the first presidency, and call stream «future» to resolve his choice, does not intend to intervene to impose any option on the President of the Council, irrespective of «Moun on Prime Council or not », the party supports the candidature of Aoun remains but will not pay at all to compel its allies, led by President Barre in any option.

According to a leading exporter in« Hezbollah »the party leadership informed via intermediaries between the delegates of Haret Hreik and mound it encourages MP Aoun on not only sending envoys or references to the President of the Council, and it should be (ie on Aoun) to communicate directly with the Ayn al - Tinah resolving what could Hhalth in this file.

Rabieh: scowl and wait

3. One contract or obstacles also joy in Rabieh landmarks turned into a scowl landmarks and wait to the point that circles Aounist not hide from that time is not working in favor of the Aounists, and it therefore must be given sufficient answer Shafi ahead milled on October 15, a Saturday , which follows next Saturday, where he will deliver MP Aoun on the occasion of the anniversary of 13 October 1989 the word a comma on many levels most notably the position of the partnership and the Charter, and to show that there is «Islamic dominance» on the capabilities of the decision of the Christian is the time to raise them in a speech Thjie populist to regain lost popularity on the Christian level.

4. in addition to the insurmountable obstacles, does not seem to regional climate, do not particularly for regional players conducive to the care of a project to Lebanese agreement on the presidency, given the interventions and Almchabkat surrounding the files of the region and its problems intractable solutions , too.

Hariri in Moscow

amid these facts and the atmosphere, the Prime Minister arrived yesterday evening to Moscow, where he will meet today , Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and looking with developments and bilateral relations, according to the reported information office, which said he was accompanied Hariri Reps former Ghattas Khoury and Bassem Sabaa and Mr. Nader Hariri.

The member bloc «future» MP Ammar Houry said Prime Minister Hariri may go after the Moscow visit to Turkey, pointing out that when it ends exterior and interior tours that Sacetkmlha visits of the leaders of a spiritual Kalptrerk Maronite and Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, will brief the bloc on the results of the presidential consultations conducted by to take in the light of the formal decision and the final mass of the presidential elections, pointing out that this is what our understanding it at the last meeting of the bloc on Tuesday .

There were information yesterday evening, about the possibility of postponing the weekly meeting of the bloc «future» scheduled today on Thursday due to the presence of the President of the bloc of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora in Kuwait, and where Hariri has returned turn from Moscow, where he is expected to preside over mass meeting if he had reach final decisions regarding the way out of the impasse continued presidential vacancy.

on the other line, the President Berri yesterday an invitation to the Bureau of the Council members to a meeting next Monday in 10 ongoing search in the election of the members of the committees and the Office of the Council session, and consultation on the subject of a legislative hearing, with the start of a normal contract of the Council on the first Tuesday after the October current 15. A meeting , which revolves around the political controversy between the parliamentary blocs , other than the election of the members of the committees that will not be around otherwise hearing, where the old will remain in the foot, because the age of the Council extended it is not far away

Impatient Putin nuclear commented agreements ... Washington responded by stopping cooperation on Syria

American arms industries disrupted plutonium agreement Vshab Russians rug

Aoun and Hariri between the hammer of Bkirki and the anvil Barre ... honorable exit dialogue? Table

construction newspaper Bannaesahevh I wrote , "because the world 's media and the Arab world under the US Gulf of control, the first news is released at night Beirut time for Washington became suspend cooperation with Moscow over Syria and talk about running out of patience, because the search for truth arrives after the speech leaked to the Minister of State , John Kerry , in his address to the Syrian opposition to another place, the American desperation to do something of value shows in Syria, and their best is Kerry tips of the Syrian opposition not to ride the wave of escalation, because it would mean they are totally eliminated, as quoted by the «New York Times» in the registry lane to the words of Kerry, and the decisive declaration of inability to provide two types of weapon or to do a war to topple Syrian President Carmi to the eyes of the opposition, because the American people do not want wars and the Congress will not give a mandate, according to Kerry, and because the Russian military role legal and illegal, not legal cover for America 's only the Security Council that disables any cover where the Russian - Chinese veto, and what remains then? Asks Opponents answers Kerry, acceptance of a unified government in light of the Syrian president and go to elections with international guarantees of equal opportunity and fairness in which are competing for the presidency of President Bashar al - Assad.

American speech is not thrown on deaf ears among the allies, so why get tired herself Washington Almtkhanh wounds allies were involved and Ortoha war worthless , no horizon to win, and compromises will not bring them a lot, and will cause a clash with allies stubborn and insist on rejecting reconciliations , headed by Saudi Arabia , which enough what with her head ache, concerns beyond the «Justa» and the freezing of funds and deposits law, and bankruptcy ahead with oil market stagnant, and the price war does not stop it, but understanding with Moscow and Tehran starts in politics, but the balance in production quantities over Saudi bankruptcy bankruptcy.

Tenkvi Washington silently and wait, to scream allies under fire pressure, or they drop because of it , setting calls for the victors to the legitimacy of their victory, especially Syria, to restore embassies and return to the markets and the banks, and here it must be Washington.

Why bustle talk about stop cooperating escalate language then?

leads us search immediately to the news of the morning, announced by the Kremlin signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, a suspension of the recycling Alpolowcnyum, and most importantly Accessories , signed in 2010, the Convention It means to prevent the use of radioactive materials used in nuclear reactors and weapons that are being withdrawn from service and destroyed, once again in the new weapons. This means easing the size of the nuclear arsenals of both countries the most important in the field of nuclear military technology in the world, but Washington under pressure from the arms industries that need to run its factories and sell their products to the government and US military, an important nerve in American policy - making delayed implementation, repeatedly and still is , to ensure the marketing of all Made by what remains of the missiles and marketing without waiting outfitted with nuclear fuel and nuclear warheads, because of the speed mismatch enriched with the speed of the production of missiles, according to a military source follower American armament industries. And the urgent need to be disproportionate to the reuse of plutonium supposed to rotate the areas of non - military and according to the agreement, after procrastination prolonged in the US application, and to ensure strategic balance militarily, the Russian president decided to stop recycling and the granting of Russian military industries really similar American rival, pulling the rug from under the feet of the new American president who will be the face of a serious and a new and rapid arms race and he has to choose understanding and addressing the interests of arms industries and lobbies that represent, or leave chaos toward escalating the nuclear competition between Moscow and Washington , the balance of world control.

Moscow 's decision , which included impatience phrase, am Astnschth Washington for the night and turned the decision of withdrawal of understanding on Syria, and not her own alternatives, as Kerry said, while the ground say to its allies that tomorrow to its sight nearby.

Moscow , which is acting this time as a leading force on the international level, not only as a competition or an equivalent, Vttoly the lead in making major decisions, is Moscow key player on the Middle East scene frequented by Prime Minister Saad Hariri to view the presidential initiative asking facilitate the task with allies who have their hands float leadership keys Hariri collapsed after Iranian diplomat Hossein Amir Abdollahian revealed Saudi Arabia 's advice was behind Hariri 's initiative, launched from lack of money and aimed to protect the possible influence in Lebanon before a catastrophe military collapse in Syria financial meltdown in Saudi Arabia.

convergence of Hariri and Michel Aoun , a duo appears in the media FPM and does not appear in the media future stream media, and although it has become the first Alriastan and third interrelated Kttalaa resolve awaited Lebanese, and made escalation waves that accompanied the Bkirki messages in an attempt to raise the yellow card systematically stimulate the dignity of presidential preclude acceptance of the understandings that I have described lists of conditions basket, came the reply from Ayn al raise the red card by recalling lists of names of candidates by suggesting that it may be a reason to seek to disrupt the arrival of a particular candidate, accused parliament Speaker Nabih Berri to derail his arrival.

it remained the most important question is going on in politics salons source yellow card from Bkirki, and how it turned into a campaign against President Barre in a television station is not calculated on Bkirki, though mutual friends, of former presidents, are mutual friends with regional destination financed looking for a role lost and difficult to restore it , is loaded Doha deactivation messages?

the question farthest was Saudi veto on General Aoun translation of a veto on the arrival of the candidate ally of Hezbollah and its arrival is a presidential victory for him? To calculate the moving diameter of the target itself, if true analysis for standing proxy behind this escalation , which wants to booby - trapping the presidential path between dignity and the pact, and does not know who went on alert for repeating its content in different languages all their own way, and his accounts concern them, it will benefit from the escalation , certainly , but they would not , such as offering some enthusiasts General Aoun on the launch of negative attitudes towards the eye fig tree and asked friendliness of Bkirki and valuation Hariri position, without pay attention because they hold important Aoun and blocking his way to the presidency.

between the hammer of Bkirki and the anvil of Ayn al reeling Aoun , Hariri equation, what not reached doses support allows skipping the impasse, and the fear that Hariri keeps the nomination Aoun secret, as did the nomination of MP Suleiman Franjieh, and becomes acting Aoun if the nomination offerer and the allies to act, as also happened with Franjieh, and a silky argument itself, the nomination is not declared unless guaranteed result , and the allies of logic are not dealing with the confidentiality of offers , but with the nomination of the advertiser.

keep the dialogue table , an honorable exit for all, it must meet with the heads of parliamentary blocs who have to secure a quorum and electing the president and naming the prime minister, who can manufacture a political understanding between them is a code of conduct Altzmouna in the approach to the issues constitute the addresses can not be for the President and the government 's approach constitutionally, without ensuring a quorum and a majority Gnapein in a democratic parliamentary system, Aofarhma this understanding.

Saudi Arabia has encouraged Hariri on Russia 's visit

comes the visit of President Saad Hariri to Moscow as a result of the emerging role of Russia and its influence in the region , who teaches Hariri expect Russian help Besides Hezbollah, Iran and Syria , the opposite team in the Lebanese equation. This confession from him and from the United States accepted the role that Russia plays the position that it occupied in the region after changing balances in Syria and the formula imposed by the Russian axis - the Syrian - Iranian on the other axis.

The informed sources told «building» that «Saudi Arabia has encouraged Hariri visit Moscow after the deterioration of relations between the Kingdom and the United States as a result of US law to hold accountable those involved the events of September 11 , 2001 in America. On the other hand Hariri is trying to suggest that he is not weak and continues to receive international attention and relations with major powers ».

Sources indicate that« part of the presidential file is linked to internal Bhetwavqat, but in the other segment external but today this outside busy its crises files thorny area is not a force capable the imposition of the equation inside both major powers or in the region , putting the presidential file in a state of stagnation ».

Hariri 's nomination for Aoun has not been decided

and sources warned that« the possibility of Hariri 's nomination for President of the change and reform bloc , General Michel Aoun is not guaranteed or a foregone conclusion, and did not rule out that declares Hariri 's failure to reach a compromise on Aoun », but explained that« in this case will not burn paper presidential Aoun , but will remain a candidate, and thus the presidential crisis date back to Mrbaha first ».

the sources talked about that Hezbollah is dealing with the presidential file as part of the internal files, it ongoing support General Aoun until the end, but he will not neglect his relationship with his ally , parliament Speaker Nabih Berri one iota, but pointed out that «Hezbollah now waiting for Hariri , Aoun officially announced the stage for the presidency to stir Mkaha the eye fig tree line - the mound for the settlement of the obstacles to the completion of the settlement ».

.. and depends on the result of the consultations

indicated parliamentary sources in the future stream for« constructive »that« the Hariri movement throughout the last week and his meeting with General Aoun moved the presidential atmosphere and gave impetus and dynamism constitute the beginning of a path that can lead to positive last verses in the presidential View », explained that «Hariri foreign tour initiated by Russia due to its location and its role at the international level and today in the region after the Syrian crisis and its relations distinctive with Iran in order to invest these relations to reach external and internal consensus on the election of the President and to persuade Iran to pressure on Hezbollah to stop the disruption and take to the parliament for election», adding that « the Lebanese Hariri will discuss bilateral relations and also Russian».

the sources stressed that « the future bloc rejects the agreement on the integrated basket to resolve before the election of the president. Prime Minister Fouad Siniora and the position was clear at the dialogue table, what arises from the violation of the constitutional mechanism basket and devote the norm in the matter of election of the president and the formation of governments and the selection of ministers and the drafting of the ministerial statement. » They pointed out that «Hariri officially claim of Aoun 's candidacy in the coming weeks will depend on consultations Hariri conducted with Aoun and other parties and the results of his overseas trip».

Aounists wary of blocking a settlement

As Aounists not hide caution and fear of obstructing the course of settlement, says parliamentary sources in the «mainstream »for« constructive »that« positive master of the situation in what singled access Aoun to the presidency, but at the same time undergo a kind of caution and fear, Experience shows that when we get to the semi - solutions being disabled later on , but today we see that the Hariri movement is more serious and genuine attempt, touching Aoun Hariri convinced of the need to resolve the presidential file and adopting Aoun 's candidacy, but things will not be shown for what they are before Hariri officially announced the nomination ».

Gen. refuses to restrict the president basket

and sources revealed that« things reached an advanced stage on the road to election Aoun president but there are
some nodes