Iraq boosts financial status globally

3/10/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb Shokran Fatlawi

Iraq's move to the white list, according to the most important international financial groups to monitor the movement of funds strengthens its position internationally, and imposes new responsibilities on the financial affairs of specialized institutions to maintain this achievement is the adoption of the best ways to control and develop expertise working within this area Iraqi Central Bank Governor Dr. Ali Mohsen Keywords count in his speech for the «morning» to remove Iraq from the gray list to the white step that put the country under the confidence of foreign parties and open in front of the various economic outlets that the country's situation in the gray list fills in front of him most of the ports, as is happening with neighboring Iran.

He said in his speech Keywords «morning» that the meeting which was held recently emerged from the achievements of the country are calculated after taking inter procedures and requirements which came out of the framework of the conditions precedent and will present a report to the Board of Directors for the rehabilitation of this site is important.

The FATF «fatf», the highest international group drove Iraq from the gray list to the white after a follow-up movement of Iraqi funds.

Mattresses better

For his part, economist d. Ahmed Abrihi that Iraq represented the government and the central bank managed to fight money laundering and set up much better than the previous arrangements.

He Abrihi in an interview summary that the country's transition to a better calendar means that he was serious and sincere in reaching the best mattress to get out of the danger zone.

Protect gains

While a member of the Baghdad Economic Forum jeweler Amer said, a large body of information leaked about the intention of the FATF, the highest international group to monitor global money move to remove Iraq from the gray list to the white list in light of the number of the Iraqi Central Bank action in.

The time in which this group is based on a number of measures taken by the Central Bank of Iraq, but it is necessary to approach the central bank to take all steps to ensure preservation of those gains and to promote measures that will ensure the rule of the principles of corporate governance, disclosure and transparency in all financial transactions and to all banks.

It is well known to everyone striking imbalance to look at capacity and credit operations of the Iraqi government and private banks and the problems experienced by a number of private banks and the extent of its impact on the credit of labor standards and thus on the business environment in Iraq from the international telescope time when Iraq is seeking to promote and attract foreign investment to compensate for the decline in the government's financial capacity to implement projects and business.

Advanced expertise

The Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Tariq Ali has pointed out that the association supports the move and has established cooperation with the Central Bank through the establishment of a unit to combat money laundering in all banks Iraqi.

He noted that the association has organized specialized courses for the staff of banks in order to provide them with the expertise and skills developed and adopted in the best global banks, after the contract with an international company, which saw the last period graduated 40 local expertise specialized anti-money laundering distributed among a number of Iraqi banks, which in turn prevents any cases manipulation and so be prepared to stay in the white list and we keep our seat them.

He stressed that the ongoing efforts to create operating efficiencies banking units anti-money laundering and exercised a major role in the oversight process, which leads to the creation of a sophisticated banking system has the confidence of local and international beneficiaries.

Redouble efforts

Competent in economic affairs Hasan Ali Abdul Karim said that Iraq is in dire need of strengthening the bridges of trust of the international financial sector and banks sober in particular, Indicating that it helps achieve the highest degree of economic feasibility for Iraq, which is in dire need of the efforts of the international financial institutions that can invest their money in Iraq. The existence of Iraq in the white list according to classification International institution reflects a positive image to move money into Iraq, and that there are policies that govern the movement and follow-up by the authorities inside and outside the country, indicating the importance that the central bank is working to double the efforts to maintain the positive image that looked bright in front of the international community moves Finance.

He pointed out that global organizations recognize the importance of Iraq on the apron of the international economy to the abundance of investment opportunities, where it monitors these institutions through its divisions, which owns the legal competences on a high degree of experience and reality of work and how to organize and streamline the laws that govern Money?