The provincial government paid $ 37 million for the Norwegian oil company
at 11:41 (Baghdad time)
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Norwegian company DNO said on Monday it had received 37.40 million dollars from the Government of Iraq's Kurdistan region as payment for delivery of crude oil shipments in July for the export market from Tawke.
This includes the amount that will be divided proportionally between DNO and its partner Genel Energy 31.37 million dollars monthly dues for July delivery shipments and $ 6.03 million for the payment of arrears for earlier deliveries.
The average production Tawke in July, 117 thousand and 992 barrels of oil per day from 117 thousand and 579 barrels per day was allocated for export, up from production June levels, which amounted to 114 thousand and 384 barrels per day and included 113 thousand and 601 barrels for export.
And still there are arrears on the Government of the Territory for June deliveries for export markets worth 8.41 million dollars. The total quantities of June bill of $ 38.41 million was repayment of $ 30 million of which in the eighth of August 2016.anthy