Kurdish leader: Barzani delegation visited Baghdad to protect American tight
[Oan- Baghdad]
A leading figure a Kurd, said the Kurdistan region delegation which visited Baghdad last week was an American protection tight.
It was a senior political delegation headed by Barzani visited Baghdad last Thursday .
The Secretary - General of the Socialist Party - the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Mohammed Haji Mahmoud, a member of the delegation province in Baghdad, in a press statement, that " the United States expressed its full support for the visit of a delegation of Kurdistan to Baghdad, where they were round-trip delegation US backing. "
said Haji said that" the delegation of the Kurdistan region went to Baghdad and returned via the private American aircraft , distinctive attributes. "
He continued , " when we arrived at the Baghdad airport, America had been equipped with six helicopters , boarded the members of the delegation three of them, while the other three allocated to protect us in the sky , until we arrived at the US embassy, and there were several private cars waiting for us, to take us to places of meetings. " http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=49649