The Council of Ministers gives priority to the wounded lying housing units cost distribution {Extender}

2016/10/3 19:49

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} holding Cabinet extraordinary session Monday chaired by Prime Minister Haider Abadi to complete discussion and adoption of key decisions of previous meetings in addition to emerging topics.

A cabinet statement said the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news} "to protect public money Board decided to download ex-officers and staff to deal with cars amounts according to specific controls by competent Committee according to the law of the sale and rent of State funds taking into account the year 2013 it down."

The Cabinet decided to form the Office of injured armed forces and popular citizens ' Affairs section follows the crowd in each province to follow the Affairs of the wounded and provide periodic reports about their requirements and citizens ' Affairs Department in the Cabinet Secretariat management and coordination work, besides continuing citizen affairs departments conduct field visits on a weekly basis and receive the wounded according to the established mechanisms, the Office is responsible for issuing documents electronic tariff, issuing instructions to all institutions to cooperate with and facilitate and coordinate humanitarian efforts th4e with international and local organizations to provide Treatment and help for the wounded.

The Council decided that the wounded have priority in distributing low-cost housing units.

The Cabinet discussed what was raised in the media about rice importer and briefed on the procedures of the Ministry of Commerce and not in terms of laboratory by the Ministry and international laboratories and consequences of conformity neutral and health safety, and assured to follow procedures of the Ministry.

"The Cabinet confirmed full compliance with the requirements and standards for imported material. it holds legal responsibility for any damage caused as a result of their interventions beyond the limits of their responsibilities and delay receipt of laboratory tests confirmed the integrity of the material.

The Council decided to honor Junior Championship winning team soccer training and administrative staff residential land for free as hometown of their achievement of their country as the Cabinet approved the public benefit status controls for charitable and humanitarian institutions.