Ministry of Electricity and member of the parliamentary energy: do not have a strategic plan

2016/10/3 15:07

[Where - Exclusive]

Reported in the oil and energy parliamentary members, and that the Ministry of Electricity to six has a strategy to solve the energy crisis plan.

Among Zaher al-Abadi, told all of Iraq [where] that "the Ministry of Electricity trying to find solutions that contribute to the provision of electric power within the strategic plan, but unfortunately during the years that have passed from the age of the ministry, we find there is not a clear plan features painted for this ministry, compared with the money that has been disbursed. "

He said al-Abadi, "Unfortunately, we found that the Ministry of Electricity went to gas stations and Iraq did not possess a fuel gas for the operation of these stations, and thus contributed to stop a lot of stations and spent money and went unheeded," adding that "there was a meeting with the Ministry of Oil has been raised the possibility of the trend towards energy renewable. "

"The solar energy investment needs to be education and cooperation with some of the ministries concerned."

The Electricity Minister Qassim Fahdawi announced yesterday put up 12 sites in the provinces of central and southern and western Iraq to foreign investment and domestic solar energy, to produce a thousand megawatts in the first phase.

Fahdawi said in a press statement that "the Ministry of Electricity has identified 12 sites as investment opportunities to investors of solar energy, in the provinces of Baghdad, Dhi Qar, Diwaniyah, Muthanna, Anbar and Salahuddin."

And between, "The project will be through investment by companies and investors, has set the conditions for investment in this project, most notably that the cost per kilowatt-product of electric power to be 3.5 cents 0.50 MW, and the duration of the completion of eight months from the date of signing the contract."