Basra's claims to expedite the opening of a second port with Iran

Monday 3 October 2016-01:03 pm

Orgasm area manager called northeast of Basra, local Government to speed up the allocation of funds to complete the requirements of the new draft border port area with the Iranian side in preparation for the official opening, as indicated to obtain the approvals "interpretation" of opening the Iranian side underlined the importance of the port and the short distance that connects the district Center last border point and approximately 24 km.

Practice Manager, said Waleed Matar miyahi stepped out, in a statement to radio Marbad, the port has a roadway, but need for maintenance, as well as the need to complete the infrastructure including water, electricity, communications and bicycles.

He noted that the port has obtained the Alamo Central Iraqi Government bugs, besides having oral approval from the Iranian side and specifically by its Consul in Basra, but they need to resolve to succeed final approvals by proceeding with Iran by local government and vigorously in preparation for its opening, after you allocate the necessary funds to complete its requirements, asserting that that part of the functions of local government in accordance with the agreement between them and the Iraqi Interior Ministry Committee the problem of opening the port.

And pointed to the importance of the port miyahi stepped out will contribute to the revitalization of the economic, commercial and tourist traffic between the two countries, in addition to providing jobs for many young unemployed, pointing out that the Center is only 24 km from another border point.

He was a member of the parliamentary legal Committee, Selim llmrbed, revealed in Shogi (7 August 2016), Cabinet agreed to open the port in Basra between Iraq and Iran is located in the Northeast province. orgasm

It is said that Basra has one wild port yoked with Iran across the Shalamjah port East of the County, while the forward area (gap) to spend the pod to the opening of its port also with Iran, after those initial approvals Central, formerly llmrbed disclosed its Manager Maliki spokesman.