The Central Bank declares put 300 company currency conversion Office blacklisted


Iraqi Central Bank Governor said on Monday relations, putting 300 company and an Office for currency conversion in the blacklist, stating that those companies and offices proceeded to convert commissions to people suspects in areas under the control of terrorists.

Press relations said "the economy followed news that" coordination between the Iraqi Central Bank, the Treasury and the Fed Americans happens for the first time, drafting rules for the exchange of information on the movement of money by utilizing the US Federal Bank layer program to follow the movement of the US dollar as the serial number printed on each sheet.

"The Central Bank and by connecting with us constantly receives federal information in case home remittances to persons in restricted zones and occupied by ISIS are off these remittances was this amount went to Mosul or other areas under the control of terrorist groups, stop these drafts.

He added that "this process contributed to turn off switches and there are approximately 300 companies was placed on a blacklist because of this information, adding a" coordination with Security Council of Justice to fight this dangerous phenomenon. "