Minister of education: we opened more than 500 school for displaced students

2016-10-03 12:20

Baghdad scales news

Education Minister Mohammad Iqbal, announced Monday, opening more than 500 school for displaced students.

Iqbal said at a press conference today, apart from his visit to dibekh in Nineveh and learner/balance of news, that "the Ministry is seeking to not miss this year displaced students either residing in dibekh camp or newly-arrived".

He added, "it was reviewing the number of camps and be organized in a minute to see statistical number of displaced students," pointing out that "it was agreed to allocate some land and open schools temporarily, until the completion of the alkervanet school in camp."

He said, "the arrival of school supplies and furniture dibekh stores and stationery flights arrive in turn, indicating that it was discussing with Kurdish education and UNICEF to facilitate, inter alia, displaced students and relieve pressure on the territory's schools, by finding alternatives."

Iqbal said that "despite the difficult budget and thrifty opened more than 500 school for displaced students."