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Hussam al-Hassani "Sarkhi" was born in 1986 in the Baghdad area - specifically in the Karkh district of Washash August lineage back to the Prophet Muhammad (r) is Mr. Fadhil Hussein Hassani. Martyr Hossam was working the rank of captain, and ordered the secret Bicycle Rusafa in / Rusafa General Traffic Directorate, left his job as a result of pressure brought to bear against him for refusing to accept the financial and administrative corruption afflicting all state institutions, according to what was said by his family, and tight traveler to Turkey to stay there a full year to complete his career to Germany to perhaps find a safe for him and his family of a wife and three children, two daughters and a son a place, but did not know that time is treacherous, and Europe is no longer a safe place as rumored about, and no less a violation of the rest of the other countries either the Middle East or elsewhere. Hossam, who was a victim of German police bullets that did not go easy and take things calmly, rushed with destiny to capture the spirit of the martyr Hossam, but leaves behind him a woman bereaved by and between their hands three children do not know what are you doing ?, and how to behave ?, Despite everything that happened from the assault on man it is an unarmed boxed in camp, waiting for the mercy of the Germans to save him and his family began the German authorities to register the incident as a death, not killed by the bullets of the police treacherous. / Balances News / lists the story of what happened to Hossam in Iraq, Germany and the causes of treachery at the hands of the German police, after an attempt by the Pakistani shabby does not honor him in the assault on a child seven years old. Hossam uncle: the victim refused to corruption in Iraq and treachery in Germany Felt / the balance of News / to go somewhere folks accommodation victim Hossam Fadel and meet his uncle Abbas Hussein Hassani, who said to our Agency: "The Hussam was holding the rank of captain and commanded a secret Bicycle Rusafa, and was an officer honest does not accept corruption and rejecting him outright," adding that " harassment got him in his constituency to Radwkhh to the pleasures of the corrupt in his organization and accept bribes from the police and the owners of the vehicles, Vassapt the situation and was forced to leave work and left looking for other work but to no avail. " Abbas and goes on to say: he forced Hossam out that "travels Turkey and stayed in there, and then emigrated to Germany, and after the arrival, and put them in the camp in order to get asylum, along with his family, which consists of four members of his wife and three children, two daughters and one 8 years old and the other aged 8 years and a child of three years old and was born. " Who is Hossam Fadel Hussein Hassani. He says his uncle Abbas al-Hassani said, "Hossam and his father is dead, and we are the family of the martyrs grandfather Hussein Hassani was assassinated by the hands of terrorism because of sectarianism in Baghdad, and three Turban were murdered too, for the fact that his grandfather Hassan is the Dean of the gentlemen Hassania, and we are of the families of the victims of terrorism." The process of assault and treachery How has: Abbas Hassani says the uncle of the victim Hossam's / balances News / The little girl 7 years old she was playing in the garden, and he claimed the people Alkmb ", adding that" people were Pakistanis aged 27 years tried to assault a child sexually, where he saw present in Alkmb of Iraqis attacked the Pakistani who fled and the attackers were Iraqis, a man from the tribe of slaves Kurdish and last name and a dominant Pakistani Dharbo who took shelter German police. " He said Abbas "After Pakistan's escape and take shelter Germans, reached Hossam father of the child victim and said the daughter had been to try to attack, came quickly and saw a group Mottagmehrh Vtahjm on the Pakistani police and the German present, after the Pakistani attack by the victim Hossam police shot him and his injury was seriously injured in an area the chest". Abbas shows "Hussam said the victim was transferred to the German hospital and died there as a result of his motorcycle releases which were fatal gunshot wounds and deliberate." Is Germany really is not a safe place for refugees: And wondering Abbas: All is Germany Protecting Powers for human rights and the preservation of it, what right to kill someone without being able to catch him and surround ?, and why the use of live bullets and not others, especially that of Germany advanced in anti-riot and other disputes between people. " Abbas said, "and pointed out the German government and the Pakistani government bears full responsibility for what has infected martyr Hossam treachery at the hands of then Pakistani dirty due to his attempt to assault on an Iraqi girl child cushion supervision, the police and the punishment that betrayed Hossam," noting that "the German police were able to isolate the victim without purposely kill him, and was supposed to head to the isolation of the parties and take legal action against them. " Is Iraqi blood is cheap everywhere? Confirms Abbas said "the blood that claimed the nephew will not be lost and we will work with all means to make Germany recognizes the crime of employees of police who deliberately to kill him, and after the funeral, we will sit either the German embassy, ​​and have not touched a clear decision and recognition by Aovernmh Germany will Najaj Iraqi sail and then the Islamic year, Arab and world opinion, and will not be silent after today's waste of Iraqi blood unlawfully. " Why did I write the deceased German authorities a Mgdor? He says uncle Shohdi any right to write the deceased German authorities? He Mgdor at the hands of members of police, demanding the government is serious and realistic stance, for the vindication of the right of the victim and his daughter girl who are the sons of Iraq before they are our children. Stressing "the government's rapid intervention of the universe, the victim of Ashhda sons and our tribal pause and wait for the government what to do, you made a claim of retaliation has already disgraceful and police that killed the son of Iraq." He threatened that "were not pause realistic than the government would not tolerate what he did to the offender and Pakistani police against the German martyr slain Hossam Fadel Hussein Hassani, and we stand with the German Embassy and the Pakistani embassy in Iraq." The case will turn into international public opinion: And between Mr. Abbas said, "Call the Iraqi Foreign Ministry and in turn, now monitors the subject were contacted Iraqi Ambassador in Germany, the German Ambassador in Baghdad in order to stand on the truth of what happened and that there are witnesses to this incident of Iraqis and non-Iraqis," rejecting "the receipt of the body, until the conversion paper death of the deceased to a murdered for their right to take legal measures are Pakistani and German police and accounting of all the parties that I used to Iraqis in Germany, which is considered a protector of human rights. " The position of the Iraqi parliament and Iraqi organizations of the incident: Member of the Foreign Parliamentary Relations and a former MP Hassan Chuird Hamdani during an interview / balances News / immediately contacted the Iraqi Foreign Ministry to inquire about the situation that occurred, where he said that "the Iraqi Foreign Masquerades all possibilities to determine the incident and that the right of the victim will not be wasted." He said al-Hamdani, through contact with the family of the victim and the presence / balances News / promised that he "will not tolerate what happened and will do all the moves toward proving the right of the victim, and we will demand the right of the martyr Hossam through all available means, including the representatives of the people in order to do right." Among Hamadani that "the parliamentary Foreign Affairs will relate to all sides and meet the victim's family and to listen to them and we filed a lawsuit inside and outside Iraq, as allowed by Iraqi and international law to ensure Iraq's rights where you are," adding that what "happened crime in all humanitarian and international standards loaded with German police what happened for Mgdor Hossam Fadel. " Lawyer and feminist activist Ibtisam al-Shammari said L / balance News / We will work to establish a lawsuit against all parties that attacked Iraqi girl and betrayed martyr Hussam, and we will not be silent on such a Anhakat occur in a country that is one of the developed countries in the protection of human rights, demanding the government Iraqi transmitting at the German ambassador in Baghdad and handed over a protest note on what happened to the Iraqi citizen in German territory, and Germany have to show cause of the accident and how to kill the victim Hossam Fadel al-Hassani. " The German police have killed Iraqi Hossam Fadel Hussein Hassani, who purports to get asylum is Ailth consisting of three members of two daughters and a child as a result of trying to attack refugees last from Pakistan on his child by the age of seven years, which attacked the Pakistani Jrlin Iraqis were in the same Alkmb as said uncle Amodor.anthy From: Flaih slain