Foreign rejects the repeated statements made by Erdogan

"Expresses the Iraqi Foreign Ministry rejected the statements repeated issued by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about the battle to liberate Mosul, which represented a blatant interference in Iraqi internal affairs and a violation of the principles of the bilateral relations and good neighborliness, and recall that the battle to liberate Mosul will be the end of the victories recorded by the sons of our people , heroes all its components and the blood of their sacrifices in the army and police forces and security and crowd and folk Peshmerga guerrillas and clan they Ivicon Aldoaash Alangas taste of humiliation and defeat, also point out that the statements and positions of the Turkish leadership represent a nuisance and Tekara relations desired between the two countries, being neglected all positions and international calls calling for the withdrawal of infiltrating Turkish troops near the town of Bashiqa and respect for Iraqi sovereignty.

The Ankara government are required to establish goodwill and realism in the fight against terrorism, through the support of the Iraqi government 's efforts in the circle battles against al Daesh terrorist, down to the liberation of Mosul, and to refrain from launching provocative statements useless or attempt to interfere in Iraq 's internal issues, similar to those expressed by Iraq 's neighbor Turkey supportive of the positions in front of a lot of challenges, most recently for his stance against the military coup attempt within.

Also confirm that the battle to liberate Mosul beloved from the clutches of Daesh will Boaada Iraqis themselves without having to be dragged to any form of regionalization for this battle, or make way to make it theater of the international struggle of wills. "