Youkhana: Council of Ministers will be held two consecutive sessions this week to resolve the budget and delivered to parliament
{Baghdad} Euphrates News revealed the House of Representatives rapporteur MP Imad Youkhana that the Council of Ministers will be held this week, two consecutive sessions to end the 2017 budget file and delivered to the House of Representatives.
Said Youkhana told {Euphrates News}, on Sunday, that "according to our understanding of the government that the current week will be through the general federal budget from the government handed over to the House of Representatives after making adjustments."

He noted , "The cabinet held Ciltien Mtalittin tomorrow next Monday and Tuesday for the purpose of completion of amendments to the budget bill and then send it to parliament , "expected to" the House of Representatives is witnessing this week received the federal budget. "

the parliamentary Finance Committee rapporteur Ahmed al - Haj said, that the 2017 version balancing replica of the budgets of {2015-2016}, being very close to the non - oil revenues in those two years.

the Council of Ministers has approved during its regular meeting chaired by *Council President Haydar al - Abadi last September 27, to amend the draft budget 2017 law*; to be the price of a barrel of oil to $ 42, and have export ceiling of 3.75 million barrels per day, The expenses will be reduced to 90.224 trillion dinars, the size of the debt to 5.608 trillion Danar.anthy