Basra's new Museum opens its doors with the support of British companies (BP)


They have a new Museum in the city of Basra, celebrates the rich cultural heritage of southern Iraq.

Headquarters of the new Museum is in a former presidential palaces along the Shatt al-Arab, and this Museum will commemorate the life of varied history extends to approximately 2300 years, where it will display antique collectibles alhilnstet-era (300 BC), then the historical period which flourished in Basra as an important trading port, as the city is famous as a center of science and scientists and poetry and music, down to Basra at the moment. This is the first of its kind is the Museum, which is opening in Iraq in recent years.

British Petroleum (BP) that work on Rumaila field redevelopment in the South of Iraq, within the Commission was the main benefactor Rumaila runs for the opening of the Museum, through its financial contribution, which amounted to half a million dollars, donated in 2010 to create this museum. F company (BP), one of the largest investors in southern Iraq, through her work on increasing production from the giant Rumaila field.

The Museum also received support from the Organization "friends of the Museum of Basra" British charitable association teamed up with the Iraqi Ministry of culture and the General organisation for the past eight years, effects, to achieve the goal of creating a new Museum to Basra.

Iraqi culture Minister and Mr fryad raondozi, by the way, saying: "it's a great day for the Iraqi cultural heritage. And this is an important example of how the international community can work with experts and specialists the Iraqis and Iraqi institutions to develop ways to enable us to maintain our past and protect it and celebrate it. "

And commenting on the contribution of the company (BP) to the Museum, head of MENA regional company Mr Michael taonshnd, saying: "in each area where we work, we support and protect local culture and historic heritage. And when I was ask us on support to create a new Museum to Basra, wanted to help. We are happy that the people of Basra now a Museum celebrates the rich cultural history too. "

Museum Manager of Basra told Mr unal slaves saying: "this day is a unique day for us, this accomplishment achieved without the support of a large number of individuals, and especially for the Group of friends of the Museum, and from behind the main financier of the project company (BP). I also wish the most valuable efforts made by colleagues in Baghdad and Basra so that we can finally display collectibles sensationalism in front of an audience for the first time after a lapse of years. "

And will continue in the coming months to complete the rehabilitation of the Museum building, which will include facilities for school parties and events, related to the school syllabuses. October will also introduce new educational programmes, supported by the British Council, local school students.

And it should be noted that the Commission operate Rumaila, founded in 2010, as a joint venture between the Iraqi South oil company, a company (BP) and the China National Petroleum Corporation (PetroChina) and the Iraqi oil marketing company SOMO. This organisation to manage production at Rumaila, which increased production rate by 40 percent within six years, bringing the rate of production to 1.4 million barrels a day. And the field has produced six of those years, more than 2.5 billion barrels of oil, about $ 240 billion of revenue for the Iraqi Government.