President of the Kurdistan region and head of government to visit Iran upon an official invitation

Is scheduled to Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani, the head of the provincial government Naچervan Barzani in the 12th and 13th of the month of October now pay an official visit to Iran.

And the transfer time is close to the Iranian Foreign Ministry, an official in the ministry as saying that officials will visit Tehran Alkordian days 12 and 13 of this Nscheran first official invitation from the Iranian government.

The source said the visit is to discuss bilateral relations and dialogue on economic, political and security issues with Iranian officials.

He added that the two sides will also discuss efforts to eradicate terrorism and especially the organization of "Daesh" The terrorist and the upcoming battle for the Liberation of Mosul.

Come and visit the region 's president and its prime minister after a visit by Barzani and his accompanying delegation to Baghdad and a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi and senior political officials, which he described Alemrafban most politicians and members of the delegation a