Vice criticizing the arguments of the Municipality of Baghdad in delayed dues contractors Exchange
[Where - special]
criticized the parliamentary committee economy by Hussein al - Maliki on Saturday, the arguments of the Municipality of Baghdad in the delayed financial dues contractors and contractors , which led to the deterioration of the situation in which the service.
He said al - Maliki told all of Iraq [where] that "the Commission services representative is not satisfied with the weak actions pursued by the Municipality of Baghdad with regard to the payment of contractors and contractors under the pretext of lack of financial allocations , " pointing out that " the Commission addressed the Secretariat to pay those dues through imports pronunciation" .
and between a member of the parliamentary services that " the Commission will put forward and stand by the contractors in order to expedite the disbursement of financial dues and restore services to the people of Baghdad and the advancement of their file."
the Committee on parliamentary services confirmed for [where] their intention to visit the Secretariat next week to discuss the benefits Contractors file and contractors and to find radical solutions to this matter.
for its part the parliamentary finance committee revealed its intention to tighten control over the revenue own honestly Baghdad of funds [collection], while attributed the weakness of the service side of the capital to non - payment of dues of contractors and contractors.
He said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Joseph Salioh on Saturday, that "members of the House of Representatives would raise dues of contractors and the contractors file with the Municipality of Baghdad and considered responsible for the file."
It is said that many of the contractors expressed dissatisfaction with the Municipality of Baghdad for not paying what Bzmtha of financial dues, stressing the importance of paying their dues quickly and not delay their demands .