Iraq's losses as a result of state regulation of up to $ 35 billion
- (dpa) - Haider Abadi, head of the Iraqi government confirmed on Saturday that the result of the control of the organization of the Islamic state losses () on the areas in Iraq, up to $ 35 billion, as opposed to human losses.
Ebadi said, in a speech to a scientific conference of the Iraqi Ministry of Labor said that " aggression Daesh have negative effects on the northern oil fields , and the loss of large amounts of weapons and equipment of the Iraqi army."
Abadi and predicted "continued decline in oil prices in 2020 and the Iraqi government continue to reduce government spending policy because Iraq depends on the proceeds of oil imports, which is witnessing a decline due to lower prices to below the required services to meet the salary and requirements. "
He explained that "the Iraqi government in the draft next year's budget cut spending to significant levels in order to sustain the continued operation of the state, and we must maintain this procedure and adopt to reduce dependence on oil revenue policy in order to strengthen the Iraqi economy and sustain the momentum of life."