Mr Hakim emphasizes systematic investigation of the Coalition meeting today. And Al-Abadi announced near submit names for the vacant ministries {Extender}
Tarikh التحریر:: 2016/09/30
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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} National Alliance leader, Ammar al-Hakim, the National Alliance today expressed their unity and cohesion significantly after Sadr's return to his meetings, noting that "the National Alliance regularity makes us go to all involved national project to serve the country, and that's what we achieved today."
Ammar al-Hakim said at a joint press conference held in his Office with Prime Minister Haider Abadi, members of the political organisation of the Alliance and sadrist leader Moqtada Sadr representative said that the National Alliance expresses its cohesion and unity of Tapestry and dramatically this step and will continue to hold regular meetings in the three bodies and public and political leadership and Ministers in all files and sensitive issues before the country's political arena for a unified vision and reach out to partners in the national arena for the National Alliance and the national project and cannot be Move only when we consult and understand each other and put a hand in hand with our partners in the national arena.
"The Coalition organized whenever our strongest ability a understanding with key partners on the national scene more to launch a national project shared by all to serve the country, and that's what we achieved today."
And about Parliament's Prime interrogations said Mr Ammar al-Hakim to "supervisory role is clear roles for the House of representatives and we are keen to take the constitutional institutions and functions work correctly and clearly, but also everyone knows that we are experiencing exceptional circumstances and prepare to battle the connector as well as the economic and security situation and the overall political situation in Iraq and the region is not normal situations and all this we must take this into consideration developments and events and frequent interrogations make Street taut Iraq continuously and State institutions in a State of instability. Expression in us to the nature of the next battle besides some EE with natural contexts not interrogations required in the House. "
"Usually the Minister hosted in the competent Committee and offering him a number of questions in the resources at hand if his answers convincing end when hosting and if not satisfied when it turns the situation into stages and subsequent steps, either turn the case sometimes abuse these things in a way that extends beyond these actions and natural contexts under these exceptional circumstances the question of overall national coalition had strong views about her."
Ammar al-Hakim asserted "we put it on the agenda of the governing body and political meeting customers and discuss the topic in more detail for us to have a parliamentary Alliance, and in consultation with other parliamentary powers to abuse the administrator maintains the role of Parliament and which takes into consideration all these political developments on the other."
In turn, the Prime Minister said Haidar Abadi, bless this great victories for all Iraqis that our fighters are our secret heroes to defend supply and sanctuaries and home today, the next step is the liberation of the city of Mosul, as many areas of Nineveh editor and now are heading towards edit connector became imminent,
He noted that "there are calls for national cohesion and political differences, and thank Mr Sadr for his cooperation in this framework and the Liberal bloc attending this meeting today," this is a step towards more political advocacy to achieve more victories and Iraq is going through a critical stage but moved forward, and today the world wants to help Iraq to its success in countering terrorism in the country's being a real democracy and create backup of political forces in General. "
"We want to reduce the political differences in this sensitive stage and thus strengthen the National Alliance are strengthening each other political blocs and we seek through that unite to defend Iraq and achieve success and our national coalition Government is the political and citizen service.
Ibadi said today fighting in Mosul to free our sons and our people in Mosul of batsh ISIS, our message is clear to our people in Mosul that security forces keen on security and eager to free you from the tyranny of ISIS and predicted her coming soon and we want people collaborated with our laamnih to eliminate the ISIS, and don't want civilian casualties and maintain the infrastructure and restore services and will achieve this victory and raise the Iraqi flag and set all Iraq from tyranny of ISIS ".
With regard to interrogations said Abadi "I wish these are not emptied Government posts this urgency and I wanted time to fill the vacuum rest ministries and then interrogate the rest of the Cabinet but this got, saying that this did not affect the work of the Government so far and the preparations to release the connector list afoot will still stand and our triumphs and edit edit sherqat walzoih standard period was the surprise everyone and internal relations we had a meeting yesterday with Barzani was successful to consolidate national unity in Iraq the common ones Federal, Iraq today is stronger than any past period closer to unite and stand together. "
Stamping Abadi "we now no problems in running the Government, but I am not {Superman} and I can't manage several ministries that one so soon I will give their candidates to Parliament to fill the void."
Jaafar Al-Mussawi cycle representative leader Moqtada Sadr "fact we as a representative of the negotiating delegation leader Moqtada Sadr, moved by Mr Sadr's paper, this paper including 14 which is the National Alliance for reform and moving blocks of the National Alliance, from authorizing the Alliance leader Ammar al-Hakim, who in turn showed great care and attention to this paper and that of his eagerness to return to the Sadr movement and the Liberal bloc National Alliance, and contacted the leaders of building blocks And brothers, members of the Commission alsiassih in continuous individual meetings and made some notes.
"We have today a charitable efforts by National Alliance leader, Ammar al-Hakim, and the patronage of the Prime Minister Haider Abadi and that I also interest meeting, after extensive discussions and present brothers reached a consensus on all of the paragraphs in the paper by Muqtada al-Sadr and approval by all present in political organisation and thank Mr Ammar al-Hakim and Al-Abadi and all leaders and members of the National Alliance component political organisation". article.php%3Fstoryid%3D128575