The central bank announced a mechanism to distribute the reconstruction of Al - Rashid Street and squares on private banks projects

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Iraqi Central Bank announced on Saturday his intention special mechanism for the distribution of reconstruction projects and rehabilitation of Rasheed Street and public squares in Baghdad on private banks mode, and with the Association of Banks confirmed Iraqi Aacialh be so special designs will be prepared from an Iraqi advisory group in coordination with the secretariat of Baghdad, she noted that its members agreed to continue the reconstruction of other areas in the capital in stages.

The Director-General of the issuance of Closets in central bank Ihsan Shomran, in an interview to the (long-Presse), and I followed the economy News that "the 20 private banks have responded to the initiative of the Iraqi Central Bank and founder of the Glocal (LUGAL) for Iraqi reconstruction and rehabilitation of Rasheed Street and public squares in Baghdad," noting , that "the artist Naseer Shamma propose this idea during a ceremony to mark the century since it opened Rasheed Street, organized by the Central Bank."

He Shomran, that "the 20 banks responded to the initiative in the hope of increasing the number soon," adding that "each bank of which will ensure the rehabilitation of one of the squares of the capital under a special mechanism be established by the bank to distribute them by lottery, in coordination with the secretariat of Baghdad to take into account the aesthetic and critical style reconstruction."

For his part, Executive Director of the Association Almassarvalkhasy Iraqi Ali Tariq, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The initiative comes as part of Take Baghdad project, which will be launched during October now the month, with the support of the Central Bank and the Association of banks, to restore the aesthetic of the capital."

He said Tariq, that "the project will start from Al-Rashid Street that a joint private banks provide for financing the rehabilitation part of it before moving on public squares," revealing "private banks agreement to continue the reconstruction of Baghdad and other areas in a phased manner."

He said Tariq, that "banks will implement designs on squares according to the specifications to be developed by Makiya Group, a consultative body comprising the Iraqis the best architects in coordination with the secretariat of Baghdad."

The central bank announced on Wednesday (September 28 2016), for more than 20 private banks to call included the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Rasheed Street response in addition to the 20 public square in Baghdad, returned to such initiatives give a positive impression and contribute to the deepening of the spirit of citizenship, while he stressed the importance of social responsibility for the banking sector, he explained that work was underway on the launch of the project (Take a Baghdad) for the implementation of large projects that backs capital, as befits its status and depth of civilization.

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