Amendments presented by the National Alliance on paragraphs 14 given by Sadr details

01-10-2016 03:03 PM

The State of law Coalition Deputy Kamel al-zaidi, said Saturday that some paragraphs amended National Alliance by Sadr's national coalition, especially regarding the choice of Ministers, noting that the current visited all the components of the Alliance before yesterday's meeting.

Zaidi said that their comrades had visited all the components of the National Alliance before the Coalition meeting, yesterday, gave a paper entitled reforming the National Alliance that included 14 points, indicating that the National Alliance amended certain paragraphs of that paper, especially regarding the choice of Ministers.

Zaidi said that the National Alliance discussed yesterday, the paper presented by the Sadr movement and that was including the work of the coalition and form a Government and choose a Prime Minister, as well as international and regional relations, stating that ' the paper ensures that the output Coalition Ministers and come up with independent Ministers, modified to select technocrats and professional fair and independent Ministers to be Alliance and not to force the Minister to emerge, as well as the appropriate place.

He continued, the other paragraph that has been modified is, that the Prime Minister does not take the chairmanship of the Alliance, put the word party instead of the word, that if the means all State of law Coalition takes chairmanship of the Alliance ', pointing out that the current student during his paper to break the relationship with the occupying powers, and today there is no occupier of Iraq only Turkey, amended the point that the position of the National Alliance relationship with all of Iraq's sovereignty.

The National Alliance President Ammar al-Hakim, announced on Friday, Sadr's return permanently to the meetings of the Alliance, said Jafar al-Musawi sadrist leader Muqtada al-Sadr's representative in the National Alliance meeting to reach full consensus between the coalition parties on paper ' workhouse ' presented by the current.